Google Analytics Invitations Sent


The Google Analytics progress page - has announced that they will be sending out invites (a la the Gmail system) for new Analytic signups.



Don't they want to make sure it works yet? Its still totally slow and often days behind it data, they'd have been better off buying Sitemeter instead of Urchin :-)

Don't they want to make sure

Don't they want to make sure it works yet?

I think they intentionally underplanned resources and are intentionally phasing in quality to build demand for and offer free marketing to their offering.

Analytics finally working fine for me

In the last couple of days, my 3 website profiles have FINALLY shown a tick - ie. they are receiving data. They were generating reports, it just had no tick until now.

So if that's anything to go by, at least it's semi-working now :)

can you send me an ivitation

i am eager for google analytics ,it'll be nice of you if you send me an ivitation

This must be a joke. For

This must be a joke. For about 5 weeks now, all I've seen is "Tracker sucessfully installed, now gathering data" or something like this.

Really? I guess I've been

Really? I guess I've been lucky. I have 19 sites registered and get stats that include data up till the day before. But yes, it took some time from the registration for the stats to become available.

Still, I really miss the "Add new website profile" link - I have added Urchin code to new site pages in expectation of being able to register the sites in the near future, but now some of the page stats show up in other websites' stats.

there is always 2 googles

when it comes to these product reviews

the one that works

and the one that doesn't

mines broken, mine works fine!

viral \

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