Google Logos not for Sale, But Homepage Advertising Could Be


Right there on you'll see an advertisement for "New! CSI and NBA on Google Video" which leads you to Google video where you can PAY to watch and download videos. Yes they have promoted other new services on the homepage but they were always free. This comes on the heels of a recent quote where they said they will never feature a commercial subject.

Unsurprisingly, competition to appear on Google’s worldfamous homepage is fierce. “As soon as you do one organisation they all clamour for a logo,” Mr Hwang said. The space, he said, is “not for sale”, and will never feature a commercial subject.

Hat tip to John Battelle


The power of the $ and the

The power of the $ and the clamour of the shareholder never ceases

"John Rubel"

Freudian slip, maybe :-)


ooops fixed that, actually he was guy I used to work with many moons ago. It was for a non search related company.

Huh. Have we never done a

Huh. Haven't we done a promo line for the Google Mini before? Last time I checked, those cost money too..

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