WordPress.com (not org, but Automattic-owned .com) names CEO from Yahoo!


Word is that SEO Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame has hired Toni Schneider away from Yahoo! to run Automattic. Toni blogged it, Matt has confirmed it, and if you read the details things are looking very rosy for Mr. Mullenweg (venture funds on the way, nice board, nice control of WordPress, close connections to Yahoo!). Happy Birthday to Matt.


Pretty nice

Pretty nice stuff, and pretty impressive. Matt's what ... 20 now? :)

hmm... how long until...

Yahoo buys Wordpress? :D

(hey, Google has Blogger, MS has Spaces, AOL has whatever shlock they have... Yahoo's 360 isn't exactly blogging software... ;)

And Yahoo has

WordPress hosting. Although it's difficult to find within Yahoo.com.

Yahoo > Wordpress.com

Whatever Matt and the others do, they shouldn't sell WordPress.com (yet)


how long until Yahoo buys Wordpress? :D

or how long until Matt takes control of Yahoo! :O

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