Yahoo! Loses Nazi Case, Again


A U.S. judge threw out a lawsuit aiming to overturn the French court decision about Nazi memorabilia on Yahoo!

Content reaching across borders is evidently responsible for how it is seen in other nations:

A U.S. Appeals court has thrown out a lawsuit by Yahoo Inc., the world's largest media company, which had sought to overturn a French court's decision barring the sale of Nazi memorabilia on Yahoo's Web site.

In a case that pitted freedom of speech rights enshrined under U.S. law against European anti-hate group statutes, the San Francisco-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reversed a district court ruling that had provided free speech protections to the U.S. company in its overseas operations.

Will some large media companies end up banning access to portions of the world for fear of lawsuits? I suppose strict enforcement of laws on international companies is one way to make home grown more competitive.


It's a conspiracy

What better way to ensure the success of Quaero then to eliminate or weaken the western competition.


Apparently current judges do not value free speech enough to protect it and encourage it abroad. What's more frightening than the blocking of access to content abroad is companies deciding to not make content available universally, including for Americans, for fear of legal issues abroad. Our rights may have been infringed with this ruling.

When is the UN Taking over...

...the Interweb again?

I'm sure to see these headlines within the decade. It's either going to enforce an international law over the interwebs, or the interwebs will splinter.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next decade. I'm sure the issue won't go under the radar for longer than that without coming to a boiling point.

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