Sitting at a PC all Day? What kind of Chair you Got?

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Ergonomic Chairs
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This thread over at v7n has been building since thursday last week and is turning out to be a great resource of information on the ergonomic chair.

I suffer from back pain continously and the logical next step for me is to try one of these babies. Think this isn't important techie stuff? - Wrong! If you aren't protecting your back and your sitting for 16+ hours a day it's a big deal indeed.

So, tell me, what are you sitting on? - links and descriptions welcome :-)


$10 folding chair

I was using a $10 folding chair until a couple months ago. now I have a $47 chair which I bought well under market value ;) (worth like $53, much better than my folding chair)

I am thinking of making up for my kinda crap chairs with a super comfy bed. down the road though a fat chair would be cool.

Me and Sam

are sitting on an old chair that was left outside the flats in copenhagen for the garbage men lol!

I really want to invest in a good one in the new year though...

good home office chair, horrible work chair

i have a nice leather high back at home, but my work chair is teh suck. i think it's responsible for my shoulder aches (that and slumping posture :)...


I've got a "Management Chair". Fifty quid from Argos and not worth a penny more.



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Man, we have nothing really like that in Denmark, my best bet is ikea uless i want to spend £300 on what looks like a regular office chair in our nearest town...

so Sam can type?

I always thought that there was a little something DIFFERENT about your post, NickW


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hehe.. would you beleive me if i told you they were a box of christmas cookies my mother in law sent over for us? - cos they are goddamit!


Take it from me:

First get the right chair, doesn't matter which one as long as you can put your feet on the ground and sit straight. Best thing is to get an automatic that pushes a lumbar support against your back ALL the time. But then - really - you should adjust the height of your table so you won't have to lift your arms/shoulders all the time. Believe me, I know ; )

I use a simple automatic swivel/tilt Håg chair with a mesh back, of the arm-and-leg type (meaning: it cost an arm and a leg - hehe). Can't find it anymore, even though it's good (maybe it looked too simple, so people were hesitant to cough up a lot of money for it).

Anyway - in short - a good chair is well worth the money otherwise spent on seo.

Collecting enough $$ and buil

Collecting enough $$ and building anti-inertia to buy this one: - not linking to it in case Nick has a fit. But folks who have bought this chair give rave reviews. It is expensive at $1000+. Greg, the inventor is a real nice guy. I paid $29 for my cheap one after mail-in rebates etc - reg price is $75.

eh, what?

>>not linking to it in case Nick has a fit.

Polarmate, did you read any of the other posts in this thread, or the entire site? lol! - why on earth would i possibly "have a fit"?

from this thread:

links and descriptions welcome :-)

man... where did i pick up that reputation.. :-)

Rule #1

Only let the finest softest Italian leather touch your ass;

did you tidy up especially?

- that's one incredibly clear desk :)


I think it had been cleared for me a little earlier - my wife gets sick of looking at it and waiting for me to do something so every now and again im asked to MOVE! and the debris is swept away...


Thank you making the link liv

Thank you making the link live.
Didn't see that :-D Who reads! One only skims. Isn't that what reading on the web is about?
In general lately, I've seen a lot of "don't link excessively" or "no link drops" or the likes - so playing safe is better IMO. I am not associated with the site I mentioned. The inventor is an absolute gem!

basic rule of thumb

#1 if it's *highly relevant* it's ok - i dont care who owns it

#2 Dont think i was born yesterday :-)

thanks polarmate - it's a good link!


Herman Miller Mirra Chair

I was also having major back problems from sitting all day leaning over a desk, so I researched ergonomic chairs, and finally shelled out the money for a Herman Miller Mirra chair. It reminds me to sit straight, and it has so many controls to fit it to my body that I don't know how I would be able to sit even for an hour without one again. It's an awesome chair. I do not have back pain anymore since I got the chair...but I think one of the most important things to attempt is to get up and move...ergonomic chair or not.

Thanks to wifi - I can work f

Thanks to wifi - I can work from a leather chesterfield recliner with laptop perched on knees or verticle in bed.Ive always liked the idea of laying down on the job.

When in the office, its a standard swivel type pnuematic office chair. (v boring)


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No idea

I have no idea what its called. Some managerial title I think. It looks like the ikea example ... but different. From argos. Better than the 'haemorrhoid maker' I had before.

I used to have a vibrating seat cover on it but I could never get near the thing for the wife so I got shot of it ;)

Speaking of wife; I have the same problem, Nick. My filing system is constantly upended and 'tidied'.

Herman Miller at home POS at work

I also caved in purchased a Herman Miller Mirra. It was crazy expensive but it is great. I can sit 2-3 hours without flexing a cheek...and it rocks back like a rocking chair which is great for those high stress moments. It is also very comfortable and it looks pretty cool as well.

My chair at work is terrible. I tried numerous adjustments, it just does not fit me. I end up uncomfortable and in pain within an hour or so, and get up as often as possible.


Got a link to that werty?

Here ya go,,a10-c440-p205,00.html

Scroll down to the right and watch the movies... the thing is crazy.

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