Stowe Boyd Takes a Swing at the Blogging Affiliates

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Robin Good, Marc Canter, and Marqui: Blog Shills
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We talked about this silliness of "product placement" aka affiliate marketing on influential blogs recently.

I said it was a stupid idea then, and i'll say it again now: This is the most ridiculous thing i have seen in quite some time. Words fail me (almost) at the sheer naivety of the farcical nonsense.

Now stowe boyd is taking a swing at it:

That aspect of the Marqui deal is what unnerves me about it. A blogger (notwithstanding the disclosure of the relationship) writes a sentence about Marqui, or other subsidized products, right in the flow of his/her opining about technology, or communication, or whatever, and gets compensated for each click that leads to a sale. This is basically turning blogs into nothing more than those aggregated websites slapped together by affiliate marketing folks. No offense; they may serve a purpose, and people may find them useful to search for various products, but they are not serving the same purpose as blogs. And candidly I believe that they are less worthy of attention.

I dont think this is the first time he's mentioned it but i dont get to read him as much as id sometimes like...

I couldn't think of a more inept and ill thought out marketing ploy for bloggers if i tried. Oddly enough, i picked up the link via marc canters blog - marc is the man behind this scheme.


free marketing

>I couldn't think of a more inept and ill thought out marketing ploy

any way you slice it any syndication of the story is free marketing.

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