The Slow but Inevitable Death of Email

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New Forms of Online Communication Spell End of Email Era in Korea
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In a study conducted in Korea of over 2000 middle school students it was found that two thirds either rareley used email or did not use it at all.

The webs foremost "killer app" is dying, slowly for sure, but it is dying as a medium of less formal communication.

Korea is the most technologically advanced nation in the world and what the teens and younger adults are doing over there could be taken as a fair indicator as to what we will soon see elsewhere in the world.

The ebbing of email is a phenomenon peculiar to Korea, an IT power. Leading the big change, unprecedented in the world, are our teens and those in their 20's. The perception that "email is an old and formal communication means" is rapidly spreading among them. "I use email when I send messages to elders," said a college student by the name of Park. For 22-year-old office worker Kim, "I use email only for receiving cellphone and credit card invoices."

Sheesh, im getting old, i'm now making my 4th attempt to get my anti-social head around IM and have always found SMS to be the most annoying form of communication existent. Ivana also spotted my first grey hairs last week heh.. link via acv

What do you think?


No suprise

Over one year ago Ray Ozzie wrote about the death of email:

If it would reduce the daily spam ... Would be fine but I don't think so.


Dirk! welcome to Threadwatch mate :)

If email does die (or usage goes down *significantly*) then uce will only move on or morph to fit the current trend. Shouldnt think we're going to lose THAT anytime soon...

Nice to see you here mate, do introduce yourself :-)


IM sucks

"email is an old and formal communication means"

Flippin' 'eck! And that wasn't my first choice of phrase either.

I think I must be old.

Pass the salt please ...

Korea may or may not be the best indicator for any specific, but they are certainly ahead of the game in many respects. We have been watching this whole scenario in the Asia Pacific forum at WmW for some time.

In this thread, one of our members explains that it is much easier to SMS in Korean then other languages, something of which I was not aware, so this report that email is on the way out should perhaps be taken with a little more salt.

It is however but one of many examples of how Korea is pushing the envelope with innovative uses of interfaces and technology. this thread talks a lot about these innovations, a fascinating discussion that seemed to escape the notice of the mainstream audience.

Based on all that, it is not hard to put 2 & 2 together and get something much bigger than 4. You would all be aware that Daum bought Lycos USA, Yes?! Add to that all these innovations that are being developed in Korea and it is not hard to predict that Lycos USA could be a very major player in the not too distant future.

Something to watch out for.

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