AdSense - how the cake is sliced?


Via a post on jensense blog - AdSense pays publishers 78.5 cents on the dollar, according to NYTimes comes an unattributed, but very precise figure on how much a publisher earns from an AdSense click. and the company's foreign search sites contribute more to Google's bottom line than AdSense, because for every dollar the company brings in through AdSense and other places that distribute its ads, it pays roughly 78.5 cents back to sites like Digital Point that display the ads.

The NYT piece is here - Google's Shadow Payroll Is Not Such a Secret Anymore



Jen should know better.

It's about 60%, those numbers include PREMIUM PUBLISHERS - can't tell how I know

It´s an easy and false

It´s an easy and false calculation:
Traffic acquisition cost * 100 / Google network web sites = X
529,874 *100 / 675,012 = 78.498
So this figures are with special partners like AOL. I would estimate something around 70% for the normal AdSense publishers.

Jen joins SEW Blog for

Maybe it came from threadwatch :)

Just kidding, they probably came up with it the same way I did.

I posted some numbers and calculations last year

My report is online at
I also got the data from their earnings report, and felt the numbers were a bit high, my conclusion was that the small guys were getting much less that the 78.5 percent I calculated.

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