GoDaddy Monitors your sites Links


Godaddy shut down a a website and the owner recorded the call to the ABUSE department. During the course of the conversation the Godaddy employee reveales that he reviewed all the sites the ower had registered with them, no suprises.

He then informs the domain owner that he can't even link to sites that violate GoDaddy TOS and that he needs to review one of his sites.

The conversation is hear

Don't go to the root page though it's a "shock" type site featuring a sex act not safe for children, corporate overlords, and old ladies. That being said I laughed... a lot.


How Is GoDaddy Wrong Here?

The guy has domains which are hacking and or warez related and was obviously doing some stuff that wasn't kosher..... MOST hosting companies have a strict policy governing the use and or linking policies for sites like that as part of their AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). It is for the protection of the server itself because he is a virtual/shared hosting customer. His actions could effect everyone else on that server if he did something stupid.

I have run a small hosting biz for years on the side and my AUP has always stated that for sites like this:

"Customer shall refrain from posting, distributing, processing, linking to, or handling any such material."

This is a hosting industry standard in AUP policies. Check your host I bet the same kind of statement is in there.

This guy's 1st mistake was hosting with GoDaddy, not buying his domain names. GoDaddy had every right here in my opinion. He should have went someplace like EV1 or another dedicated server farm if he wants to do stuff like that.

1. Unless I am mistaken this

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough this isn't just about GoDaddy locking a registratered domain ( I don't think the guy had hosting there ) ...

Its about .....

The second site that talked about hacking had no info on it and the operator said if he links to a site that discusses hacking then he may lose his domains.

I don't know about you but I link to all sorts of things and I don't appreciate GoDaddy saying that I can't.

I understood this the same

I understood this the same way you did webprofessor - it is about domains not hosting.

GoDaddy are asking for every site that you link too to be compliant with their TOS.

just another way GoDaddy is opening to door to destroy online businesses.

a change of name in order

the owner is, if i recall correctly, quite the right wing conservative.

he probably really wanted to name the company


This is about hosting

This guy was clearly hosting his sites with GoDaddy. That is a conversation I have had myself with clients over the years.


I still think you'd be crazy to buy or host sites with GoDaddy. So he had his site pulled for linking to sites of questionable content? Amazing.

No he was threatened with

No he was threatened with that after pulling some shenanigans with a totally different site

GoDaddy may as well create

GoDaddy may as well create their own approved index of websites and watch how nobody uses

maybe then they will realize nobody gives a shit about their opinion of quality. I certainly wouldn't describe their hosting service as being of quality. And while I am at it I don't think their Traffic Blaster search engine submission crap is an honest value add to people dumb enough to buy it.

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