Web 2.0, Snake Oil for the 21st Century


Jeffery Zeldman of A List Apart puts Web 2.0 in the proper perspective with his article titled Web 3.0

Steven, a young web wiz, has just celebrated his bar mitzvah. He received a dozen gifts and must write a dozen thank-you notes. Being webbish, he creates an on-line "Thank-You Note Generator." Steven shows the site to his friends, who show it to their friends, and soon the site is getting traffic from recipients of all sorts of gifts, not just bar mitzvah stuff.

If Steven created the site with CGI and Perl and used tables for layout, this is the story of a boy who made a website for his own amusement, perhaps gaining social points in the process. He might even contribute to a SXSW Interactive panel.

But if Steven used AJAX and Ruby on Rails, Yahoo will pay millions and Tim O’Reilly will beg him to keynote.


That's the most

That's the most I've ever understood Jeffrey Zeldman; not saying that he's difficult to understand, but that he made his values pretty clear. I must say I like the man.

As well, he's made his take on "Web 2.0" pretty clear: huge Web apps that can be used by many that -- if it all works out -- may be bought up for gazillions by a Yahoo or a Google.

I suspect that what many of us may not like about the whole "Web 2.0" thing is the way it's being marketed: it's everything and worth gazillions and everything that came before is nothing.

Well, it's one marketing tactic. But not exactly honest. Or visionary. Or even cognizant of history or current events.

Grrr.... I get on edge just reading that damn bs term

And it's especially frustrating, since I do otherwise generally respect folks like John Batelle (the fellow who runs the damn conference named Web 2.0) and many others who are "part" of what's stupidly called Web 2.0.

Until I see Web 2.01 and Web 2.1 and so on (and perhaps even then), I'll continue to think that the whole thing is an obnoxiously bad marketing term gone bad, really really bad.

Incidentally, though, I'm somewhat hypocritical. I did a completely makeover on my piddly personal blog the other day, and renamed it BLADAM 2.0, with a small mouseover yielding: "Like Web 2.0, only more vaguely self-important" :D

ajax before ajax

i just wanted to go on record that ajax was being done before it had a name. at least as far back as 2000. i just considered it to be bending the tool to the requirements of the site.

i had a passing thought about filing a patent. maybe it would have been a "good thing".

Web 2.0 for the non-geeks

A Dutch group has set up a website that allows you to create rss feeds very easily and the novelty appears to be that you can also post the feed using MSN messenger.
In the country where AJAX is still a football club (and a very good one) this seems to be a nice initiative

Have a look at feedxs.com

That's beautiful, says it

That's beautiful, says it all really.

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