Million Dollar Site Hit by DDOS Attack and Blackmail


Report that the Million Dollar Site was first blackmailed and then taken out by DDOS attack.

Both the FBI and the UK's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit have been notified about the problem.

"Their [NHTCU] instinct is that this attack originates in Russia although it is not possible to track the e-mail back to its source," said Mr Tew.


so what ..

Tew got his money ... I would email them back some cocky email ... Like guys ... yiou have done me a favour .. I have my money and because of you .. I don't have to see the site again .. cheers ..


yeah right

unless he paid a ransom of $5,000 (£2,800)

hehe they must be big time movers asking for so much on the first email then further emails upping the ransom to $50,000 (£28,000)

well at least it saves having to keep it maintained for 5 years like he planned to do...hmm does make you think ?

He should be so lucky

Well, I had a very busy discussion forum wrecked. Something to do with the death of a Palestinian leader. i.e. nothing to do with me whatsoever. I lost 100,000 messages in that forum, 40 hours of getting things back up and running and lots of advertising revenue.

I contacted the cybercrime unit. They said contact your local police. I contacted my local police. They said contact your ISP as its nothing to do with us. What a shambles. Nobody could be bothered to do anything.

I hope he has more luck than I do.

The moral of the story

The moral of the story is:
Do your backups regularly...

You missed the point. The

You missed the point. The point is, if the police are not going to do anything, who is? Surely it is their responsibility to follow up crime. Just because it was done on a computer in cyberspace they think they can't be bothered. Probably a bunch a computerphobes!


is a funny one .. believe me I know ... :)


Are you suggesting that the

Are you suggesting that the police refuse all reported crimes that have a financial impact of at least one weeks work and ongoing damage? e.g average earnings in UK about about £20K, one weeks earnings approx £400. So, anybody who has lost £400 or less due to crime can forget about reporting it.

Should the police also forget about tackling crimes where they rake in £10 per person from thousands of bank accounts just because the loss to one person was small? I think not.

Yes, it was painful. Wait until it happens to you and you will see what it is like in moccasins!

Cops have targets

Cops have targets too.

Catching 100 criminals driving at 34 mph in a 30 mph zone is a lot easier than catching 100 DDOS dorks.

And you can lie down and accept that they have more pressing matters. Or demand that they record your crime, issue a crime reference and pass it to the high tech crime unit in Scotland Yard if they are a bunch of technophobe plonks. And follow it up and follow it up and complain if they're not investigating. They won't do it? Then what are you going to do about it? Are you going to take the time and trouble to demand a copy of their charter, speak to the chief constable, and talk to the local MP if they still ignore you?

It's because people don't make a fuss and don't insist on being taken seriously that the cops continue to ignore serious crime on the sole pretext that there is/was a more serious crime happening elsewhere. Their job is not to combat just some crime - and it's up to each force to prove to the govt if they have a case for more resources. That's not your problem or mine. What IS our problem is if you think other matters and more important and don't follow this up.

Cyber terrorism isn't a small crime and perpetrators should be caught and punished even if there was no monetary loss.

Not taking it personally,

Not taking it personally, just explaining my position. Police investigate both theft and mugging. It is their job to uphold the law. It is a very dangerous position to take if you ignore all smaller crimes. Society would become more anarchic than it already is.

I pay 40% tax and would have expected more than a fob off. After all, why do they have a cybercrime unit?

Yes, the police prioritise. They have to. But if someone broke into my house and stole £400 I am quite sure they would log the crime and probably send someone over to investigate.

It's not all about money

It's not all about money, ukgimp. It's about community, safety and, if you do want to talk money, it's about getting what you paid for.

"So now it should be a

"So now it should be a function of how much you pay in tax?" Define "it".

Paying a lot of tax would in my view entitle you to have your case looked at, rather than being ignored. What are the police there for, people who only pay less tax?

Tracking down the scumbag who mugs people will make the person that scumbag comes into contact with safer. Tracking down the person who DDOS'es sites or hacks or generally messes up things for others will make their potential victims lives better than had they not done so. Violence is only one form of crime. Some people would rather be mugged than lose their livelihood.

Don't forget, hacking etc has financial impact. Financial impact means less tax collected by the govementment. And like you said, more money for the government means more lives saved.


well instead of boring us with your problem what happened 2 months ago go and make yourself busy at the local cop shops desk and give him your opinions, tell him you should get a better service from the local police force because you pay tax at 40% and see what he says

in fact I know what he will tell you to do Jon

this thread started off about a guy who made a million dollars in a few months and has been dragged down to you boring us with a problem you have had with your site 2 months ago, I told you at the time what to do but no you have not let it go and moved on have you....sigh

Of course he's abroad. And

Of course he's abroad. And specifically in a country that is lawless. Making those assumptions automatically makes it logical to not waste resources tracking him down. And that's a good thing how?

That most internet users are in Western Europe/USA/countries that cooperate with UK law enforcement is a little detail that shouldn't get in the way.

But I agree with mick, we should get back to the MDHP. My guess is that the HTCU will investigate. I know a few people there and while I don't hold the average plod in any great esteem the boys at the HTCU really know their stuff. But if they investigate it'll be because of the publicity and only because of that. :(

Mick, this section is for

Mick, this section is for comments and I posted a relevant one. How about doing the same?

We can all get personal but that's your issue mate, not mine.

I was not being personal

I was not being personal just stating a fact, you chose to take it personal

Right so your going to make yourself busy for no financial gain are you, your going to pursue it in the highest court in the land are we, plough £1,000's into the legal system to get a 16 year old script kiddie charged and all you get is justice because your not going to get your £400 back

well good luck, me personally I would let it go and get on with my life but above all learn from it so you dont make that mistake again.

the guy with MDHP will most certainly be treated differently because after all he has a million dollars and the local police force will love to be involved with solving that crime but thats as they say life...

Who Gives A Shit?

He's got his money and I dont believe any of the advertisers expected to get much from it except initial kudos..that gone now so who gives a shit.

When you starting saying

When you starting saying someone is boring you with this, boring you with that, you are using emotive language. What do you expect?

I agree with you mick, it is not worth my time to plough a fortune into it. But the point I was making is that the police should have registered it. Whatever they did with it is up to them. There may have been many instances of this going on from the same person, in which case its importance would escalate. When they say its nothing to do with them when surely it must be, what would you think? If someone burgled your home and the police said its nothing to do with them, what would your response be?

Yes, I have learnt all sorts of lessons. But financially, the worst was Googles landing page quality score changes. But that's another (irrevelant) story...

The MDHP case will surely get solid police attention. It has so much publicity and affects more people so slack police on this one would get bad media exposure. Poor old me has no voice except the occasional rant on here!

More publicity

It's a great story, the MDHP. Now it has the extra twists of blackmail, extortion and international crime thrown into the plot and is getting acres more column inches as a result with more to follow as the new sub-plot unfolds.

Not only does the Million Dollar HomePage get more traffic and the advertisers more views but the Web Hosting company has consistently been praised for their handling of the huge volumes of traffic and soon to be dealt with rebuffing of a DDOS.

You couldn't buy that kind of recommendation or that amount of publicity.

Good point! I wonder what

Good point! I wonder what the MDHP founder will do on the internet now. Think he will innovate something else brilliant or was that a one off?

original thinkers are that

The guy will probably happily go off and create something else.......its in his genes,we may hear about we may not. Maybe he has learnt that his name now means he can build some shit and do a press release and watch the traffic again.


someone said he makes £1000 for every hour the sites online or something...

EBay and Reselling

So how long do you think it will be before people start reselling the sites or the inbound link on Ebay?

Since When?

Did I miss the memo where blackmail, extortion and tortious interference with business become a lesser crime than a mugging?

I'm sure this would be taken more seriously if the victim was or something.

corr blimey. Play nice

corr blimey.

Play nice kiddies!!!!

I swear the first guy that

corr blimey.

I swear the first guy that sells a British english to American english decoder ring will be a millionaire

just checking...

>> will be a millionaire

in $ or £?

considering that Million

considering that Million Dollar Homepage was created by a Brit ( I think I get confused about who is who in the UK ) I would say dollars.

I thought that was curious too...

I wonder if is taken yet

Not at all

are you suggesting he is DDOsing his own site

Not at all. I mean, the guy is sharp as a razor but I doubt he would come up with the idea of DDOS'ing his own site in the name of publicity and marketing. That would just be cynical.

Selling pet rocks is cynical

Attacking his own site would be the natural next step in a business model built on selling rubes Kansas ocean front property. That doesn't mean he did it, but he is the #1 suspect since in any crime "who benefits" is the primary detection question.

Now he is being sued!

Now *that* is good publicity.

But what do you expect from a phentermine guy ;-)

So how long do you think it

So how long do you think it will be before people start reselling the sites or the inbound link on Ebay?

Interesting point Graywolf.

The last guy has a specific set of T&C's:

You cannot change the image or link once you have submitted them, so you must be sure of the image & link you want on the homepage, which will be there for at least 5 years
You may not sub-let or re-sell your pixels

The earlier advertisers have slightly different ones

You cannot change the image or link once you have submitted them, so you must be sure of the image & link you want on the homepage, which will be there for at least 5 years. The only exception is if you have a strong reason why you need a change to your image/link, eg. your site no longer exists, major structural change to your site, lawsuits, etc.

Either way (and I'm not a lawyer) it looks like you could 'sell' the site linked to - changing the 'linked to' site may be harder.....

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