Google Publisher Fraud: Domain Name Jumpers Going Too Far


Okay it is the weekend and I wanted to get out without too many hassles... yeah right.

One of our Spanish Sales Team calls and asks me why we are showing search results at

We do not own the domain name... we had applied for it last year and were told it would not be available until November. When we got there someone had beaten us to it... hey no big deal.

But they are using the site to host Google Ads - again free enterprise though annoying no big deal... next it is all in a frames site that points to casinos in the noframes tag and every time you load a new part into the frame it give a popunder... now they are beginning to get annoying and are definitely beyond fair play - hey there is the Lanham Act which while being US law seems to be adopted elsewhere, especially in Spain (I hope). We called and they wanted 10,000 Euros for this site of 2 months and were rude to one of the women who works with me... wrong move.

The code on the search result page uses all sorts of javascript rollover cheats and shows the Google Syndication codes etc... interesting.

So I reach out to Google and see what can be done... last I heard they were losing their partnership and any monies owed for breach of T&Cs... I have sent Aaron the screen grabs and the code on the pages for everyone to look at.


We'll See

Hopefully Google takes care of it, but it's still Google. From the incidents I've had with similar situations, they have never been quick to take down publishers breaking TOS.

Waste of Time

That site is in the domain parking program and they play by a whole different set of rules and Google will most likely ignore you.

And this is news why ?

And this is news why ?

Prevalence of poor content/publisher partners

Okay nothing really new here... just another example of some poor publisher partners... though it was suspended Friday afternoon and is being examined.

Also it opens a discussion

Also it opens a discussion of international trademark legislation. We have a trademark for the term FXCM and now have to test its validity internationally.

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