The Ethics of Spam Reporting

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Ethics on Spam Reporting
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Very amusing thread from littleman turning the tables on the "ethics brigade" - Resident White Knight ihelpyou falls hook line and sinker for it yet again of course but the real good stuff here (and yeah, there is some good stuff here) is from fathom (he's a busy boy today..) who puts forward some very compelling arguments on the subject of reporting competitors:

I can write an original page of content and add to my site but can't add it a second time with a few word changes (noting "keywords" changes) as this is spam.

Yet on the other hand - I can post at a forum the exact identical post (an asked question) that had been ask 100 times before - and that's ok because it is not spam.

I can't set up 50 mirror websites with the same content to gain an advantage because it is spam.

But I can write tons of articles and post them on 50 repositiories to gain an advantage - and that's ok because it is not spam.

I can't show something to a browser that is different to a bot as this is spam.
... but showing differently to different browsers is ok because the bot is blind to visible appeal and that's ok because it is not spam. (it doesn't matter if the visitor get's something unledgible though)