Yahoo Answers for Cash


Jen has a blog article on Yahoo Publisher Network users being able to earn money from providing answers to questions at Yahoo Answers. It is all a bit vague at the moment. Jen has a link to WMW discussion, but not much there to date. I can almost hear the sound of software writers brains working on how to automate answers.

There is no word yet on how exactly this will work, other than it is tied to those who answer questions. And there are currently no ads running on Yahoo! Answers, so it is unclear if ads will be added, and clicks on ads would be shared with answer contributors. Yahoo! Answers also works on a point system, so earnings could potentially be earned in accordance to the number of points earned in the system.

Matt Cutts is a busy bee at the moment too, his take on it

It was clear from Tim Mayer’s comments that Yahoo always intended its Answers product to have a revenue component. Now comes word from JenSense that people will be able to use their YPN ID to collect money for answering money. Looks like Yahoo allows other engines to crawl the resulting content, in the same way that Google allows other engines to crawl its Answers content. Kudos to Yahoo; I think that’s a smart move.