Google Top Brand in '05, Apple Tops US List


Google took the lead from Apple in what is shaping up to be a back and forth contest through the years for these two innovative tech companies.


Without iPod

Apple would be a footnote on that list.

Without Ipod

This is such a myopic statement.

Steve Jobs strategy is quite far-reaching. Its not only the iPod but also iTunes that catapaulted Apple back into the limelight. In 2005, iPod sales and iTunes downloades were phenomenal. Now Apple is getting into the content business. With the release of iLife it is so easy for ordinary users now to post content on the web. With the partnership of Apple and Intel, Apple computers will become faster (but sad to say, not cheaper) but it will be no surprise if Apple computers become a media hub. And now Steve Jobs is a board director of Disney.

Myopic hell

They got lucky - Apple was dying and now the future looks bright for them which was my point.

He took a very negative situation and spun it very well.

Now if they can just push their computers and make Microsoft sweat it'll all be worthwhile.

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