Google AdWords Desktop (Beta)


Gary spotted news of a private beta test of a new desktop Google AdWords editor. You need a password to login and try it out.

I too recently launched a free open source web based keyword research tool, but I bet Google's kicks the pants off mine. Odds are pretty good their tool kills the keyword research market dead.

Now that we can manipulate our AdWords ad account settings while offline I can't imagine what places I will be taking my laptop.


Got my email today

Haven't tried it out yet though. Anyone tried it and can report back? Or is am I stuck with that job :)?

It's MS only which is a bit of a pita for us linux desktop folks.

I just installed one

It looks good, one great feature is bulk uploading...I guess this will greately increase the overall performance of the adword system (if they succeed in convincing the majority of the adword advertisers to use this)

Not a True Bulk Upload

Sorry i mentioned bulk upload in my previous comment. But it seems its only possible to bulk upload ads and keywords, you still have to manually add adgroups & campaigns...

I filled out the form, got a

I filled out the form, got a response from a "real live human", she said I would get a try in a week.

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