AdWords MIA: Rough Week for Google Continues..


As if the DOJ breathing down your neck, taking flack from human rights advocates on the China ordeal, and a glitch that kept users from getting to page 2 in the SERPs for almost a day, Google Adwords system seems to be down.

No PPC ads are showing up for any searches. This has to be costing them a few dollars. Also I'm seeing PSA ads all over the place. Confirmation from a friend on the west coast seems to say that this problem is widespread.


I would be scared to be the

I would be scared to be the person who caused AdWords to go down! Counting the millions of dollars lost each minute...

At least since achieving profitability this has to be the hardest week Google has ever seen.

Google's stock price is almost back up to what it was at before the DOJ suit / lower oil supply / bad tech earnings by others nosedive. They are only 8% off their all time high right now. It is almost as though investors do not know all the bad stuff that is happened or the investors are true believers.

Early Start?

Maybe they Got started a little early?

You think they would take

You think they would take the whole ad system down for that long?

I would think they would try to leave up some sort of free unaudited clicks over just having no monetization at all and delivering no ad traffic to some of the people paying almost all the bills

Are you saying there was AdWords downtime?

...outside of the planned downtime? I'm not seeing it.

Yes... not sure how long it

Yes... not sure how long it lasted... but was at least like 5-10 minutes I think...I didn't keep refreshing the monitor though, it could have been quite a while longer.

There a WMW thread


Sort of wondered why my AdSense CTR had plummeted yesterday

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