Xooglers v Google Adsense


I don't know how many of you have been following Xooglers blog of the X-Google Guys - the ones that bailed out with their millions. Anyway today Doug has "run afoul of Google’s corporate enforcers" for violating AdSense policy guidelines. Doug lets us know that to date "Xooglers has generated $203.14 in AdSense revenue." so he is not going to get rich anyways from AdSense. That enables him to link to..

Would it be a cheap shot to say that, like Google, I will bow to the authoritarian dictates of a superior power and censor myself in order to preserve the viability of my business? Yeah, it would be.

The whole China thing is mess of mythic proportion with no easy solution. It

And he goes on to look at the moral dilemma that G face with China, before returning to the Adsense "team"

And so, in order to stay in the good graces of my old AdSense friends for whom I wrote many of the original warning notes like the one above, I’m going to change the language in my second post.....

.....Let’s see how that plays with the ministers in AdSense’s Forbidden Cubicles.

Difficult to see who is winding up whom here.