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Is That a Television in Your Pocket?
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And why not? It's gotta be better than chasing a bloody snake around the screen while you sit on the train eh?

According to the principal analyst of semiconductor research at ABI Research, Alan Varghese, “Initially there was a lot of hesitation, especially from the cellular operators regarding television in the cellphone: they could see little value in broadcasting TV to the handset, since it did not raise their ARPU. They also felt that watching TV would drain batteries and prevent the user from making more revenue-generating voice and data calls."

Currently NEC, Nokia, Samsung and Toshiba have phones with built-in tuners that can receive TV broadcasts. Texas Instruments recently announced that they’re developing digital TV on a single chip, which will allow cell phone users to watch live content broadcast from new television infrastructure being deployed for handsets.

Interesting stuff...

link via moconews



Business Week has a nice article on mobile TV now, worth a peek if you're interested in this...

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