Amazon to Sell Digital Video Content


It looks like the video space is heating up. Ars Techna noted a recent Variety magazine article stating that Amazon may launch a service to sell streaming movies by April:

Amazon's vision includes a try before you buy model, where you could download or stream a movie for a fee, and apply that fee as a credit towards the purchase price of the corresponding DVD, should the content tickle your fancy. Another idea is to provide free downloadable versions along with regular DVD purchases, to draw in those who would rather swing by the closest Wal-Mart or FYE for their movie needs, because they just can't stomach waiting a couple of days for their DVDs to be delivered.

Although Google's video launch was less than spectacular I still think Google will win out the bulk of video search for the following reasons:

  • lowest cost structure
  • the ability to host virtually unlimited free content
  • simplicity of their interface
  • the ability to run targeted ads next to videos or in the content after they carve out their share of the market
  • the reach which enables them to integrate others reviews into their product


is there any word on what

is there any word on what file type amazon plans on using for the download, and what type of DRM policy they'll have? i have not seen any mention of that in the online coverage.

the fact that amazon is not really competing with msft and hence does not have to compete for standards could be a real advantage in terms of going up against google, IMHO.

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