Ask Andrei Broder a Question


Andrei Broder, a name well recognized by old school SEOs was recently hired by Yahoo!. Now Yahoo! is giving you the opportunity to ask him a question via their blog:

Broder is co-winner of the Best Paper award at WWW6 for his work on duplicate elimination of web pages and at WWW9 for his work on mapping the web. And here’s a big list of Andrei's papers.

We’re pleased to host him for an exclusive Q&A for Yahoo! Search blog readers.

Mike Grehan and Bill Slawski asked questions, but there have not been too many questions so far.


Well, it seems you can't

Well, it seems you can't comment, so that's probably why there are few questions.

Tried twice, but both times the post just disappeared into thin air. Not even a confirmation or error message was given, just a refresh of the page. Extremely annoying.

Pre-moderation, maybe

Both of your posts are now appearing, claus. It looks like they have comments on pre-moderation.

It's nice to see some folks like Dr. Broder step up and answer some questions. I'm wondering how much he might be willing to share, but I imagine that it doesn't hurt to ask.

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