Google Looking at Napster


A bit late for Google to enter the music market, so if they do they may as well do so with a bang. Napster stock is up 40% today on a report that Google is eyeing it.

Internet giant Google is considering an extensive alliance with Napster, which could include an outright acquisition, as it plots its move into the digital music world, The Post has learned.

According to sources within the music industry, Google has been pushing to align with Napster — rather than build its own online music store — a sign that Google sees subscription services, rather than the individual download model that Apple's iTunes is built on, as the future of digital music.


i guess a mobile hardware

i guess a mobile hardware partnership or acquisition isnt far off for google.

>>Google plays down Napster

>>Google plays down Napster bid talk

i'm guessing the rise in napster stock price didnt please google too much, so maybe denying it is their counter in an attempt to get a lower valuation for their target acquisition.

entering the digital music space is pretty big though, will be interesting to watch.

Looks like the GooGeeks

Looks like the GooGeeks finally got convinced that making money wasn't evil...

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