At Last, Web 2.0 Does Something Useful


The Digg clones are arriving in droves, it seems, and few of them add any value. The only ones that do, in my opinion, are those that operate in verticals.

Well it's about time we got one in the original vertical (NSFW).

Supersize me !!!

[ 7 wanks | wank it! ]
submitted by helga • 4 hours 34 minute, when 42 minute

fatbottomed girls u make the rock n' roll...

via The Man Blog


That's some nice field

That's some nice field reporting, Andy!

shouldn't that be "wank

shouldn't that be "wank 2.0"?


Hey Andy not everyone knows that NSFW means "Not Safe For Workplace viewing" lol. Good thing I work in a Starbucks.

if you cant tell

from the url and the description that's gonna be NSFW then you're prolly working in MacDonalds anyway.....

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