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Dec. 14 Audio Conference: Leveraging Search for Greater Impact
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Slowly but surely the admen and prguys are moving in on Search. Time to start circling the wagons has probably been and gone...

Join these leading experts in the public relations and search engine marketing industries to learn how you can gain better visibility for your brand, increase traffic to your Web site, stand out against the competition and further your sales strategies through search engine visibility techniques:


price, price and price again

This may not be a bad thing. There is nothing more revenue hungry than a big ad agency - prime real estate in major centres, expensive fixtures, pricey girls at all the phones, fat cat senior execs - so they really can't compete with a good lean small shop.

They may serve to raise the profile of the industry and the rates.

More than a few of us will get hired into the agencies as they seek to expand their inhouse capabilities. All the advantages of paragraph one. Disadvantages of a regular work day and commute.

But we will all have to get a lot better fast, as the field will become infinitely more competitive with time.

And that's why we all read threadwatch every day, n'est ce pas?

Thanks Nick.

PR & Search is a Baby

The combination of using document optimization and press release distribution channels is still very new. I see lots of sites offering this service and the sessions on Search Engine PR at SES and WMW Search conferences are well-attended. (Nice job Greg) Enough so that maybe it's hit the radar of more traditional PR firms - but barely.

What's interesting and productive is the impact of a combined online/offline PR approach. There's a strategic angle and benefit to online PR that alot of SEO's without PR experience might not pay attention to. Combine keyword analysis with media relations coaching and things can really start to happen.

I registered for the conference call and will post a summary on our marketing blog if anyone is interested.

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