Google extends Adwords Company accreditation - but Excludes Asian, Australian and South American companies


Today Google sent out an email about changes to the Google Adwords Professionals Qualification scheme. For some time Google has allowed USA-based companies to become accredited Google Advertising Professional Companies as opposed to Individuals. (The Company qualification is a separate accreditation to the Individual recognition.)

Now Google has extended the Company scheme to allow orgnaisations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to become Adwords Qualified Companies - but for some reason has still excluded companies from Asia, South America and Australia (and Antartica) from participating. Which frankly, leaves me feeling a little bemused.

Why does Google see fit to offer this accreditation to companies based in Nigeria, Romania and the Palestinian Territory while denying it to firms in, say, Japan, Australia or French Polynesia? If you work at Google, please enlighten us.


Isn't it fairly common for

Isn't it fairly common for rollouts of big project to be done in stages?

It seems to me that what they have done is pretty fair. Instead of choosing which countries are worthy and which are not, they are rolling out in big chunks which have a mix of nations. Presumably you think that Nigeria, Romania and Palesinian Territory are less worthy than Japan, Autralia, etc.

BTW - I'm in Australia and really coulnd't care less if I'm part of the Google Adwords Professionals Qualification scheme or not.

You're right that it isn't a big deal

You're right that it isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

But I would hardly call this a big roll-out. A big technical job to let some people use a special logo??

All I'm saying is why not have a level playing field for companies everywhere? If you meet the criteria why be excluded 'cause of the country you're in?

Someone from Google did contact me. They couldn't explain the reasoning but said it would be rolled out worldwide later this year. No timeline given.

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