The CBS Tribe Has Spoken and Google Video was Voted Out


I haven't seen any numbers released to know if the Google Video program generated any significant revenue or not, but CBS is already making moves to cut the Mountain View Crew out of a piece of the pie.

CBS to sell new Survivor episodes on own site

New episodes of the popular Survivor reality television series will be made available for download directly from CBS’s Web site for $1.99 per episode, a first in network TV, the company said Wednesday.

CBS is not likely to stop there either.

Its latest plans gives the television network an option to use its own online properties to distribute shows rather than relying on other companies such as Internet company Google or Apple Computer Inc.’s popular iTunes service.

Even though Google admits to bungling the launch of it's video store it's unclear if CBS just wants more of the profits for itself or is interested experimenting with a new distribution medium.


independent filmmakers and

independent filmmakers and amateur video makers will still probably flock to google, and once they get this mass, the big networks will have no choice but to join.

ultimately i think whoever can empower independent filmmakers and video producers will end up winning the video market, whether that's google, amazon, youtube, etc. i doubt though that cbs or any other media network will have much success -- i dont think they have the necessary online connection with an audience, and i doubt they have the resources to needed to take this market away from the likes of google, apple, and amzn.

CBS should still let 3rd

...parties carry their content. It will add to their revenue potential vs. limiting it. Greater sources of distribution would translate into greater revenues, for the most part.

However if they are more concerned with keeping the users on their site - and coming back for more - then it really is more of a toss up as to allow 3rd party distribution or not.

copyrights be damned


Immunity to grasp

Good one Michael, distribution opportunities are vast.

Down here we're (as always) a little behind (down to 6 survivors, Gary was voted out last Saturday...Don't tell what's coming next), I'm sure my wife will be glad to download episodes in order to be the *first* one to know...

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