Marissa Mayer: PageRank 10


Valleywag stated Marissa Mayer, the well known Google PR exec and dancing queen, may have dated Larry Page.

Marissa Mayer used to date Larry Page. There, we said it.

Nobody's saying the dating lives of Larry Page and Marissa Mayer are front-page material, or even worth many a blog screed such as this. But the item is a staple of Silicon Valley gossip. I must have heard the tip from a dozen different people in the last month; it must be worth at least a mention.

Can we get any confirmation Matt? ;)

Thnanks to GrayWolf


This is old news?

There were rumours floating about this for a long time.


This has been well known, even remarked on in Battelle's book. As Valleywag rightly points out, no one has reported it, possibly out of fear of getting blackballed.

Cat's out of the bag, I guess.

ah come on....

why report it? - even I didn't think it was worth taking the piss out of and I read about it ages ago (like pre MarissasPR). She certainly didn't get the job 'cos she was shagging Larry, she's (normally) good at what she does and while its fun to allude to it sometimes I'd hate to see it rolled out every time she gets mentioned....

Nice blog spam on the GHN

Nice comment spam on the GHN site.


let them play. revenge will be sweet.....

Gasp scoreboard, you just

Gasp scoreboard, you just pointed out Gurtie's debt consolidation loan network!


Thought that was Sergey on the mag cover. They all look so alike. ;)

I think she is quite pretty.

I think she is quite pretty. Larry has good taste.

She's pretty damn smart too.

She's pretty damn smart too. I wish she'd blog again that was some funny stuff.

talk about something

Talk about something belonging at the top of the "who gives a damn" category.

The only person I care about knowing that Larry Page is screwing is me.

OUCH! I think he may have just got me again.


Rumors abound that Larry Page, co-founder of popular internet search engine Google, has been really putting it to massa. While Page has refused comment on the rumors, massa insists that Page has screwed him more times than he can count.

When asked directly about the affair, massa says Page has used him like a cheap toy and now won't even return his calls.

While efforts continue to substantiate the rumors, it does appear to this reporter that massa has indeed taken a screwing from some high ups in the organization.

Why there is much news about Sergey's Social Life?

I wonder!...Dont you guys think he look better than Larry??

Larry Can't Mind

I mean for a guy who is never seen apart from his business partner who he shares an office filled with bean bags and lava lamps, I think any story substantiating his heterosexuality is probably OK with him.

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