Google - IP2.0, Cubes, And, Err, Everything, Really.


From Times Online a piece entitled 'Rumours mount over Google's internet plan', as chock full of chunky bits as anything else you could wish for on a Friday.

Google is working on a project to create its own global internet protocol (IP) network, a private alternative to the internet controlled by the search giant, according to sources who are in commercial negotiation with the company.

A leading content provider, who did not wish to be named, told Times Online: "We are in discussions with Google to provide content for their alternative internet service, to be distributed through their Google Cube product. As far as I'm aware they have been conducting negotiations with a number of other players in our marketplace to provide quality content to their users."

Contacted by Times Online today, a spokesperson for Google denied that it had any such plans, before adding its customary rider: "It's Google's policy not to comment on speculation concerning products before they are launched."

The Google 'Alternative Internet Service' - Uber-plan or Uber-bollocks?


Difficult to say if this s new

.. or just the regular media catching up with us.

JasonD post about the dark fibre thing 12 months ago in Jan 2005

Yes, but still and but

I agree, sort of, Cornwall - it did have the ring of a Friday afternoon mashup (sic) - except for the Cube 'n Content stuff. Dark Fibre and job adverts = old news, but the rest?

I have no idea if its new or not

If you do the Google Cube search there have been rumours floating for some time.

Does seem odd that The Times run it today though.

Given that they are trying

Given that they are trying to help with the $100 computer project and make something like $50 a year per searcher I wouldn't be surprised to see them try to work on making some sort of computer free.

The margins on search is getting high enough and the price of computers is getting low enough that some of them could be made free. Keep in mind that if Google gave them to the right people it could probably pay for itself within 2 years AND give them all kinds of free publicity AND usage data from people who are probably not tech savvy enough to actively and aggressively manipulate their relevancy algorithms.

As far as Goobuntu being an internal only application, so was Gmail for a couple years before they released it.

the right people

would that be "click monkeys"?

new searchers (and most

new searchers (and most searchers) can't really tell the difference between paid search results and the free ones.

I was thinking right as in young and in some way needy...but young searchers are probably even better ad clickers than normal new searchers.

none of that will kill bill

Free internet means higher demand for internet browsers, PC's and, well, operating systems.

On a lighter note:

And chairs of course. Good chairs. You know I've figured it out totally. This is Googles real killer app. They're simply going for the furniture industry next. Ever wondered about all those coloured oversized balls you hear about being all over the Googleplex? That's it. They're prototypes for chairs. Ergonomic, even.

All that talk about search and being evil or not was just a scam. Their real mission isn't to organise information at all - in stead it is to make everyone sit on a coloured rubber ball.

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