Warm Toilet Seats - Send One To A Friend


I am not quite sure why, but this article , on state of the art toilet seats, made me think that it might be useful to some TW contributors. If you could gift one of these, who would you send it to?

the move would help it lift sales of its Washlet toilet seat, which transforms into a warm water-spraying bidet at the touch of a button.

One notes that their new factory is for the US rather than the European market

"The new factory in Mexico will double production capacity for our sanitary earthenware in North America, strengthening our production plan which will allow us to meet the market demand flexibly."


Wasn't there some weird

Wasn't there some weird story about special (japanese?) toilets being installed in the Googleplex a year ago or more?

Hmmm..luxary heated toilet

Hmmm..luxary heated toilet seats huh? I'll have to tell Mivox about this: she just got a cabin in Alaska that has an outhouse. I can't even imagine how cold her toilet seat is right about now. (She said the temp the other day was -20 degrees. And that was up from -40 degrees a week or so before.)

ukgimp's bog

"I write the same article on my own bog etc and get a little link love and maybe earn a few dollars?"........ukgimp.
(bog = English slang for toilet)
February can be cold so personally I'd send one to ukgimp after reading this in todays TW 'Bob Massa Interview' thread.

not going to lie I have

not going to lie

I have blogged from the bog

Oh, no outhouse here...

...no, I passed up the cabin with the outhouse. I'm just a little to addicted to indoor plumbing, I'm afraid. ;-)

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