A Gap in the Online Sex Market


El Reg has a lovely little article headed "Christians turn on to nipple dust and vibros". Its about a web site that has "plugged a gap in the burgeoning online sex emporium market by opening a shop for those whose love of the Lord is matched by their love of rumpy-pumpy."

What you can do down at Wholly Love is stock up on Pure Arousal Super Stretch Rings, Colour Me Sexy Crayons and Silver Clitoral Charms. What you can't buy are handcuffs and butt plugs because, as Mrs Hargarty explained, the site "doesn't stock anything to do with pornography or nudity, nor does it sell sado-masochistic or anal items".

So, it's a quick rousing chorus of "What a friend we have in Jesus" round the piano, then on with the Valentine Hearts bra and brief set and out with the Snail Trail Vibrating Tickler. Praise be.

I think its funny, but out of deference to those that don't, the thread is not on the front page!


Umh... I think divine

Umh... I think divine interventions (name corrected) has existed for a while...

Warning: Some of their products are quite funny to some, but might be quite offensive to others.


It's Divine Interventions, and yes they've been around for a looong time as I've been using that web site to scare the hell out of devoted cultists, um, christians for years.

WhollyLove looks a little female oriented to me, trying to give them the Holey spirit perhaps?

Men needn't fall for those tricks, they should see the light and know they have options!

If these things could only cook women would be obsolete.

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