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In the supporters forum over at webmaster world is a thread about stolen content appearing on a site. Upon further investigation content listed from many of the well know search engine forums including [another forum]. In fact they are doing quite well ranking at number 2 for that forum. Many more are listed in the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Update: I (Aaron) was asked to edit out some of the specifics because the person who initially created the thread at WMW was outing a competing site and we do not want to reward that activity.


I have a similar

I have a similar site...
I still need to make it far more algorithmically useful and add a submit to threadwatch button next to the forum posts, but nobody has gave me any hate so far for it.


This is very old... Mikes has been high traffic for several years, and BT over at WMW looked at it way back when. Not much different than RSS... he usually only posted snippets, and although it didn't always include a link it still named the source.

from the site:

As you probably know, it takes a long time to build a good reputation. Yet it can disappear in a flash. Upset one person online and a thousand people can hear about it within minutes. I believe success depends on having a good reputation. Without it, one would surely fail.

Maybe you should drop him an email before posting to TW?

There are quite a few more

There are quite a few more of them - personally I only include the official search engine blogs in my news list but I suppose I could easily include forums. Problem with forums, though, is that there is an awful large amount of posts and it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff (as per the "algoritmically useful" remark above :)

But then, my own motivation for experimenting with that kind of site is to develop something algorithmically useful (i like those terms :), so perhaps in a few years you'll be able to navigate forum posts in a new and better way, who knows? Probably Aaron will get there first as he's already working with forums - or perhaps Mike, or somebody else. But I don't care as in my case it's more of a learning experience; purely for the fun of it, and in spare time only.

Anyway, it's just aggregator sites. Nothing new. Separated from scrapers mainly in the politeness to the aggregated sites, ie. by just publishing snippets, and making sure to mention and link straight to source.

My own perspective is to ask "is it useful?" - and to the extent that it adds value to the forums or whatever else that's being aggregated I tend to find it useful. And in this case it doesn't really harm Jill that there are two entries to her site in the top 10 does it?

Would be something else if it was just a cloaked doorway, but this guy sends traffic to Jill as far as I can see.

Doesn't really harm?

Of course it does, it harms when his site ranks above the very material he's linking, search engine spam pure and simple. The site serves one purpose only, to get people to buy Mike's stuff by leveraging the headings of other sites to promote it.

Not that it's new, ran into it a long time ago when I was looking for various things, it's just annoying to keep hitting a leech between me and the sites I'm looking for and over at Yahoo at least I can block him from my results.

The only thing that's shocking is there isn't AdSense all over those pages ;)


Can someone take a look at a site for me, many things I blog about are appearing #1 in google on one of these aggregated sites, I have spoken with the guy and he is good people so I do not want to expose his network. But does this hurt me? My blog is new and he is showing up quickly for copies of my stuff.

Private message me if you can help...thanks.

Hes been around for years. I

Hes been around for years. I brought this up at spider-food because at first I thought he was a cloaker but after further review we didn't think it was any harm. He does have a pretty big cache of forum topics though. I'm sure his page mass is huge. He's an of the seo industry's discussions lol.


All due respect but... Was this post supposed to be a joke mimicking scraped content? What's with the runon non-punctuated business?

>What's with the runon

>What's with the runon non-punctuated business?

I think I may have screwed it up when I was asked to rewrite the title. Punctuation and grammar are not my friends!

Gotcha, I thought maybe it

Gotcha, I thought maybe it was a post from a mobile!! Kinda had me wondering when I read it...

hmm.. it seems there's

hmm.. it seems there's something wrong with the High Rankings post listings at Mikes. Each post only has the poster name, not the post title and clicking the link gives you a 404. Other forums seem to work.

As for the front page of Mikes list, it's really just a chronological listing of forum posts. No logic at all. I like Aarons Seobytes better.

>> does no harm

Well, some don't like directories, some don't like aggregators, some don't like affiliate sites, some don't like scrapers, some don't like product sites, some don't like informational sites, some don't like search engines, etc etc etc. I see no point in discussing personal preferences.

In this case four of the top 10 listings for [High Rankings Forum] point to the High Rankings Forum: Two from the site, one from Mike, one from ISEdb (a directory). The other six seem to be articles about the forum.

Given that two places is the normal maximum, four (40% of listings) makes sure that anybody typing in that phrase is sure to end up at the High Rankings Forum. Plus, it's lots of free links for Jill. For this to be bad, Mikes Forum List should not link to Jills Forum.

I do agree however, that one link to the High Rankings Forum for that search should be enough - but that's a Google Quality Control issue.

Also, I find it very provocative of Mike to optimize his page for the terms "High Rankings Forum" knowing that this is in fact a name of another site. So, Jill should politely ask him to change his H1, meta tag, and title. I would.


Border Case

I think this is a border case, since he's promoting allot of advertising on his site which earns him money. It isn't pay per click though (might be). Ranking high on search terms defined in original content from other sites might be seen as scraping. I do however feel that he does give credit where due, or link directly to the source. It is a useful resource (when it's working) since the threads are consolidated and you can search them all at once. I'm sitting the fence on this one...

Hit the Fan

Mike's has yanked all WMW headlines from his website.

I was asked to edit out some

I was asked to edit out some of the specifics to prevent rewarding the initial poster at WMW by furthering their message of outing a competitor.

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