NuSearch - A Search Engine that Improves with Use?

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Loren over at sejournal has the scoop on the latest in a long line of new search engines that are only used by search geeks and have very little chance of a real future. NuSearch does have some very interesting ideas but then dont they all?

What else marks out NuSearch as revolutionary? According to Giles Chanot, Chief Software Architect at NuSearch “Well, that Applet that sits in the web page is really the key to the whole show. Every time you perform a search and it downloads some web pages, it compares these with the copies on the NuSearch server. If they’re new or have been updated, this information is sent back to the server (in a highly compressed form). This enables NuSearch to keep its index much more up to date than would otherwise be possible: the more people use NuSearch, the better it gets.”

On the basis that it requires a java applet and im terminally paranoid i'll give it a swerve but you might like to go play with it. If you do, please tell us what you think...


What a pile of pants....

It positively hurt me to use this.

The results were poor and the java thingy just made the whole experience painful.


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