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Google is to integrate chat into their Gmail interface, and now will automatically save your Google chat sessions as email threads, unless you turn that feature off. Chris Sherman states:

One of the nicest features of the new chat tool is that chats are automatically archived within your Gmail account (you can disable this feature on the "settings" page if you like).


much easier

than the msn method of automatically saving chats in a file somewhere on your hard drive which is always a pain to find if you want the thing.....

Yeah, but when you turn it off...

...the archived chat session is no longer available to you...not Google! ;)

I do wonder if they would ever scan that "content" for trend analysis and such. See what's the buzz about 'town'. Or worse, spying on SEO types. Sorry, too much caffeine this AM...kicking up my paranoia.


Logged into my Google Talk

Logged into my Google Talk today and it immediately offered me to save my chats in Gmail - I said no thanks.... I'm too paranoid for that as well

DOJ, subpeonas and data mining

'nuf said?


Wow, my daughter would love that as she saves all her chats and uploads them to her gmail. I don't get the saving chats thing. I keep my logging OFF. I suppose if I used chat for business purposes I might want to save them, but I mostly use it for fun and I don't want any paper trails of my fun! ;)

If the user elects not to

If the user elects not to save them, does that mean Google elects not to save them in private?

I don't get the saving

I don't get the saving chats thing.

It can be very useful at times. Perhaps you've forgotten something, or someone's mentioned something and you want to look back on it. Its easier to grep than to remember ;)

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