Corporate Clients and PPC - Are they all Stupid?

Hurricane have a good story about corporate PPC spend and some dumbarse that wanted to spend 100K just cos he thought the boss would be mad at him if he didnt...

They had no tracking in place!

Are they all that stupid is that a one off...?



Mike Grehan said to me recently that he reckoned 80% of PPC spend over the next year would be 'vanity' - ie not measured.

Most of them, yes. BUT not all.

I gotta agree to some extent. Plenty of clients either can't (eg. have even the slightest idea of their traffic level and have no clue about the log file gold mine running right under the hood of their server) or wont (again out of ignorance, they don't care about it). Most of these spend a buck on ppc, cuz they wanna dip teir toes into it.

Some of them are spending $1000's on ppc in Denmark alone and they just notice an increase in interest, but we have to tell them that it's probably the ppc traffic they just bought.

However, dont get me wrong, some of the big boys with deep pockets and good sites know what they're doing. Many corps have their systems setup to log and track ppc down to the last penny.

Sharks among the fishies there too :)