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Jim `I'm feeling lucky` Boykin of WeBuildPages is looking for a few good hosts. The open call for suggestions is turning into a lively debate about what to look for in a host and how to evaluate them. What do you look for in a host ?


price / performance ratio

I look at the price / performance ratio - how much stuff can I get at what price. I look more at "stuff" at this stage than price.

After that has narrowed the field down I look for "bad reputation" forum postings and annoyances such as time zone differences.

Then we're down to a manageable number and I fire off some emails asking a few relevant questions. The response time as well as the nature of the response picks the winner.

I have always liked

I have always liked Dreamhost and Pair.

I do pretty much the same as

I do pretty much the same as claus .
Since i live in the UK and use a lot of US hosting i also check their support really is 24 hour. Look for live chat or give them a call.
Also like to see support forums.
If they don’t provide 3rd party uptime stats i sometimes find existing customers and point a server monitoring service like at their site.
if i had to pick one host it would be

24/7 Phone Support in 3 Rings or Less!

I ONLY use I can call them any time of day, and a live HELPFUL person answers the phone in 3 RINGS OR LESS. Don't believe me? Call em now. Actually, I hope I don't bog down their support with this post :) This is the best service in the industry, and probably one of the best in any industry. I have used them for 5 years and called them countless times.

Last year I was involved in a project where I signed up for hosting with as many providers as I could, and most of them have shitty support. After 8 months of searching...I could only find around 40 companies that have an 800 number prominantly displayed, and after those 8 months, I could only find around 60 companies that I kinda trust. After that, all you get is crap.

As for 'SEO hosting'. I'd say hands down...except they dont have an 800 number at all...that's just unacceptable for a website.

Hey Daniel Good to see you

Hey Daniel
Good to see you at TW. Do introduce yourself :)

except they dont have an 800 number at all.

once you sign up they do give you a support number you can call tho you do have to pay the long distance. I've been with pair for about 7 years and never had to call them once so I can't even comment on how good phone support is :)

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