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Webmaster Radio - Yahoo Hand Manipulation
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Webmasterradio.fm are talking about the Yahoo! Hand Manipulating Results

You cant prove it scientifically, but you can say that hey, im an SEO, i've been doing this for years and I can tell you that that SERP should not be showing up all .orgs!

Talking about the h1, h2 and h0's on certain SERPS in particular areas like spyware removal - A VERY clean result with h=1 parameters in the urls near the top and moving down to h=2 and h=0's

The debate continues on the sense of this hand tweaking and how it's quite understandable in a SERP like the above and for example medications etc - traditionally the haunt of hard core scum affiliates.

Good stuff, first time i've tuned in and im enjoying it immensly - shit, i dont even know who's speaking but one of them sounds remarkably like Todd Friesen (oilman) and im reasonably certain that when i stop waffling on and go check out the playlist i'll find him billed tonight.

If you're not listening, tune in now: http://www.webmasterradio.fm


Todd and Jake

Dumbarsed Nick W - i must have read that otherwise i'd never have spelt todds 2nd name right :)

Hey, someone PM jake and tell him to bloody well plug TW goddamit! :-)

Keyword Density

Greg Boser: What's that?



Boser: Engines have made it painfully clear that they do not want affiliates in there.

Based on search volume + kw

Jake: I think it's kw's based on search volume


this would explain why vicodin has h0's all the way through it's SERP and viagra has mostly h1's

Cloak your adsense

Greg Boser recommends cloaking your adsense. If the SE's want to crack down on certain types of sites, seeing adsense code would be an easy way to identify them.

How can I catch these shows

if I missed the live feed?


Good point

I'd like to know that 2 lisa....



we're rebroadcasting that show at Wednesday at 12pm EST. We ran for 2 hours tonight - whew - I was spent at the end ;)

We'll also be making archives available soon.

Great Show tonight!

Hey folks,

Give us a couple of weeks, and we'll have an archives section up and kicking with these shows on demand! We're also working to get the chat room in a position so that we can also post transcripts of the chat along with each archive.

In the meantime, stay tuned to to Webmaster Radio. You'll see the addition of our archives section shortly!

We also have auto-reminders you can set so you get notified via AIM, ICQ, or EMail from 600 Mins all the way down to 10 mins prior to show time. You can set as many different reminders as you want so that you can be sure to make each show that interests you! You can set those up at: http://www.webmasterradio.fm/remindme/index.php

Thanks for the great support...and we'll be happy to mention you guys on the air! Would luv if you guys linked up to us...because "Listen Now!" links don't take traffic from your site...they just pop a webmasters media player. So if interested, check out: http://www.webmasterradio.fm/linktous.php

Thanks again everyone for all your wonderful comments and support!

Thanks SEGuru

We're also working to get the chat room in a position so that we can also post transcripts of the chat along with each archive.

a non java version would be nice :)

'twas a good show, kept me up till 3am goddamit! hehe..


<------Check your pm box

Just Gets Better

It was the second show tonight Nick. Last weeks kicked rear - amazingly enough, the guys only managed to make it better this week. If you're in SEO, it is an absolute not miss.

Very good stuff

Agreed that it is a definite don't miss for serious SEO's.

non java version would be nice

You can join the IRC channel via trillian (or other messengers I would assume).

Archives Rock

Cant wait for the archives...

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