Xoogler to all aspiring 'Nooglers'

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Xooglers, the blog where ex-Google employees go to, well, not whine or be regretful, got a new member a few days back. One 'Doug' joins 'Ron' and 'Greg' as a very new ex-employee. And, like the others, he has nothing bad to say at all.

Should I stay, or should I go? is his response to anyone thinking of starting at the bottom rung of G.

Beyond the financial rewards, the opportunity Google offers is threefold: you won’t “spend your life sittin’ around explaining shit to people,” because the people you’re working with will get it the first time and will appreciate how brilliant you are for having thought of it; you’ll get to work on what you think is interesting and important without a Neanderthal manager browbeating you to implement his wooly mammoth of an ill-conceived and irrelevant project first; and you’ll have godlike power to harness a behemoth computing array while channeling a flow of realtime data that rolls on and on like the River Jordan.

And there's this (from someone we might know?)

I asked an engineering friend at Google a while back why he hadn’t left yet. He’s barely 30, has enough money to last a couple of really dissolute and decadent lifetimes and could pursue anything of interest to him. His answer was, “I like engineering.” There wasn’t any other place he thought would be as interesting to do that as Google. He didn’t always love what was happening with management, but he had been there long enough that he could brush politics aside like a pesky mosquito and concentrate on the challenge of the technology.


I love..

..that blog. It's a great insight to G.

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