Rumor: Jenstar Steps Down from WMW


Barry reports that he believe Jen is stepping down from moderating at Webmaster World.

I have heard that Jenstar, of, has stepped down from moderating at WebmasterWorld. Jenstar is known as the contextual ad queen, speaking at both Search Engine Strategies and Webmasterworld Pub conferences. She also blogs and moderates at Search Engine Watch on contextual ad topics. Jenstar was the moderator at WebmasterWorld for the Google AdSense Forum.

I found a thread where the JenSense domain name has been blocked out by the WebmasterWorld blacklist. The blacklist is a list of domains that are not allowed to be posted. Maybe this has to do with Jennifer leaving? I can not say.


I guess Jens not a credible

I guess Jens not a credible resource anymore. Thats the only reason Brett blocks sites, all the mods and Brett have said that lots of times before.

It's a blog

No blog links allowed on WMW, except for Matt Cutts' *lol*

It's not because it's Jen's. IMHO, FWIW, etc.

Matt doesn't have a blog

Matt doesn't have a blog Claus

Brett said he has a FAQ site

That's right. But Jen

That's right. But Jen doesn't seem to have done a great deal of moderating at WMW recently (going by her post history). Brett did mention yesterday that he has many applications for moderator of the Adsense forum.

Yeah right

Brett sais Matt has a FAQ. This is a new concept for me. A tupid concept. It's just "industry" work.

Webprofessor : are you like this year's Oracle ? How can you speak about people being or not being credible ? Not to mention you're doing this in Brett's name ?

FAQ site?

My neighbors heard that laugh 2 blocks away

She's only posted on WMW 9 times since Jan 18th then again about the same on SEW.

Perhaps it's all politics at this point.

Here's to a bright future

I am sure Jenn will do just fine now that she can more fully invest her time into her own web properties.

Good luck Jen

Its not as though your going to miss the money is it hehe.. :)

What's this 'WMW' you speak

What's this 'WMW' you speak of?


Gesus Andy... Webmasterworld :)

Keep an eye out

We'll know it hit the fan if she's not on any PubCon sessions in the immediate future.

Expertu please note the

Expertu please note the "sarcasm" after my post

Blog links at WMW

Hmmm, my blog has a link at WMW:
Ok, it's redirected, but it's still a flipp'in link.

Top: I got a 404..

Top: I got a 404.. that part of a joke?


Hmmm, my blog has a link at WMW:

Looks like an FAQ to me. ;-)


looks like the SOP of delete and deny has begun

Maybe this clears things up...

Regarding the censoring of the link:
Don't bother clicking, gone 404 - GW

That was a painful read.

That was a painful read. What did that clear up?

Heh, Brett took it down his

Heh, Brett took it down his own rant -- that was a smart move, anybody capture it?

moved and

What did that clear up? I

What did that clear up?

I think it just expressed his philosophy.

I still am a WMW subscriber. Not saying that I could run WMW better than Brett does or that I would know where the lines against self promo are, but if you can't link out to stuff that isn't proven true then doesn't that leave one toward the tail end of the learning curve? Isn't the meat of discussion on a forum in the things that have no certain answers?

I guess I don't mind being wrong often...and I have been, and will likely continue to be.

My 2 Drachmas

Still a subscriber as well, however when the best, brightest and most creative in the field visit, share, and post less and less frequently there it does make you think.

Please, that diatribe has

Please, that diatribe has nothing to do with philosophy. It was an attempt to displace some of the heat for Jen quitting.

I mean, if a moderator isn't paid than he/she should at least be allowed to post to their own research on their own space. Back in the day we were all doing it and it was understood to be part of the relationship.

I enjoy the conference but

I enjoy the conference but hate the forum.

2 things just kill it for me:
How can you possibally have decent discussions about the web without links ?
People are exceptionally rude to non-english speakers and newbs.


Well the noobs and non-english speakers come and ask the same questions that have been answered 3 billion times already, so asking it again without searching and doing a little work first is both lazy AND rude.

That's why a lot of people that know stuff bail as it just gets repetitive and tiring thanks to the lazy shits that think they are entitled to know and know right now and the forum members should jump and do their research for them when they ask and say thank you for the privilege.


Actually its the accusations

Actually its the accusations that piss me off about the place.

If you don't speak english well you may as well expect to be accused of being a "spammer" or "scraper" or some such bs regardless of your questions intent.

back to the original issue

back to the original issue her name is still listed as a mod, so who knows.


If you don't speak english and come asking about a banned account you get accused of click fraud and it wouldn't be so suspicious if 99% of all banned accounts can barely spit out an intelligible sentence.

And yes, it still shows Jen as the mod.

She probably paid them for link bait suckers.

Where are the WmW defenders?

There are a few WmW mods that like to believe they are defenders of the faith... I've seen them attacking threads where Brett or WmW is called into question.

Oh Please

Don't start calling them out to start a forum war with WMW, that's just childish.

extremely childish. Don't

extremely childish. Don't start taking sides without knowing the whole story.

I'm a Mod at WMW

yes Jen has stepped down, but I don't think that there is just one reason for this, Yes her site went on the shit list, that would piss me off too, we have a policy NO blog links .. yet Matt Cutts has 72 links from WMW and that a blogs blah blah, I think thats the main problem for Mods with Blogs. In Jenstars defence it was other members linking to Jensense not Jen, and it would make me pissed if I found out that my URL the one in my profile was now on the SPAM FILTER and I find out from a MEMBER !!

Jen will be missed at WMW that I'm pretty sure about.


ps Morning MikeDammann :)

OK I might not be hanging

OK I might not be hanging out at WMW much but here's my 2 cents. This does not apply as much to WMW maybe as to the fact of discrimination against blogs mentioned in this thread. And it's not necessarily about Jen or Matt Cutts or Brett Tabke. Discrimination against blogs is kinda ridiculous - spam is spam but what if half the people in this industry have blogs nowadays and the other half have added blogs to their existing sites? FFS, it's just a CMS! It's like accusing a general purpose tool of spam. Catch the real spammers not tools that can (but do not necessarily have to) be used for spamming. Evaluate the value not the tool used for creating that value.


Mike... What do you think of Brett's ideea that Matt has a "FAQ" ?

Daven : In my opinion, a forum that does not give credit to posters os not in my discussion.

From all the forums i read and write in (and i read them for 2 years now, every day) WMW, SEW, DP and V7N - DP seems to most balanced of them all. Giving it to the community, and being an ass. Shawn made it possible.

As for Jen .. I read her blog a lot. She posts interesting things, and she is much more valuable to the SEM community, even if she decides to step down from WMW.

Jenstar is smart. I admire

Jenstar is smart. I admire her for it. I believe that early on, she saw Brett and his forums as tools to use to build her empire and she did it brilliantly. With her empire, she can stand on her own and deal only with people on her terms.


>>that's just childish

Relax. It was just an observation that there are few sites where people can talk openly about WmW without getting jumped on. TW is one of those venues. Jenstar is just one of many mods who have left over the last year or two.

There's something I don't

There's something I don't understand. Whatever the arguments for how blogs are similar to or different from other sites it has always been WmW policy to not link to them. This is something Jen would have been more than familiar with - both as a mod and as a supporter. The news that links to her blog were not welcome was er, not "news". So whether it came from a member or elsewhere shouldn't really matter. Or am I missing something?

If it was a matter of one-rule-for-matt-cutts... the time to protest would have been when the first link to matt was allowed.


Where else can you go to find the bleeding edge of AdSense and YPN changes and updates?

Jen's linked into the contextual advertising community and tends to have the inside scoop long before anyone else, sometimes before it's even announced on their own websites.

This has been my argument with the WMW approach to not linking to blogs for quite some time as there are a lot of authoritative sites out there like Jen's posting a lot of authoritative information and posting about them without linking to the source is just silly.

OK, maybe many blogs are self-promoting their own products and services but you can probably expect them to at least be somewhat knowledgeable in their field of expertise and probably more so than the paid parrots regurgitating and corrupting that same information for the mainstream authority media.

So, if JenStar's site isn't legitimate news then what is?

I give up.

Yes your missing

Yes your missing something.

Its the pattern of behaviour that the owner of the site engages in that sucks and this underlines it. Those familiar with the site will tell you the the "rule" is that sites that are authoritative are allowed to be linked to. The definition of sites that are authoritative in practice is a moderators site, a corporate website, a caveat to that is that the site must not "compete" with WMW for members.

Now the rules always change to allow Brett to justify what ever he is doing to make an exception for. So link to Matt is ok because he calls it a "FAQ" site. the hypocrisy was pointed out at the time. A link to Jen was ok until she was no longer a mod, so a new set of rules are invented to fit this scenario so Brett can justify it.

You are allowed to deposit quality content but the site will not recognize quality content exists elsewhere.

Here is the low down in the end..

WMW is a content collection scam.

Leave your content to add value to Brett's site but Brett will not add value to you.

I missed nothing

Just didn't want to go there as I was trying to argue to the logic and not the politics as politics are never logical.

not you bill the post above

not you bill the post above you.


ok, it's early and I'm caffeine deprived

other ways to be rude

Well the noobs and non-english speakers come and ask

it wouldn't be so suspicious if 99% of all banned accounts can barely spit out an intelligible sentence.

see what i'm saying?

Mr. Yes: to answer your question

You are missing one thing: at one point Brett *did* allow links to Jens site, and in fact, complemented her on putting together a good resource.

Suddenly, her site is banned. Not because the information is not good, but because of the tool she used to build it. Add to that fact that Brett made the change without at least discreetly telling Jen about it, and it seems like a slap to the face. I think had he stickied her and told her "Look, I am doing this" before she had to find out from someone other than Brett, things may have gone differently.

I think, however, contrary to popular opinion, that this was merely the straw that broke the camels back. As DaveN said, there were other issues.

Something seems off to me

I'm not a WMW regular, and I do believe that any forum owner certainly has a right to run their forum however they like, for better or worse.

But speaking as a forum owner/administrator myself, it seems to me that if you can't trust the content on your moderator's sites/blogs enough to allow them to be posted, then you shouldn't have those people as moderators. You should be choosing moderators whose sites you would be proud to link to as a source of great information to your forum members.

It seems to me that any moderator would rightly take the blanking out of their site when someone linked to it as a huge slap in the face.

I understand that WMW has strict linking policies as we also do at my forum (although not *that* strict). However, the sites of moderators and those that they recommend should certainly be given special preference as one can only assume that they've already been vetted by the very fact that the person is a trusted moderator.

Or perhaps they don't have strict rules and guidelines for choosing moderators?

Jill, you are correct...

However, the sites of moderators and those that they recommend should certainly be given special preference as one can only assume that they've already been vetted by the very fact that the person is a trusted moderator.

Back when I was a mod...
That was the policy at one time.

At one point, nobody was allowed to drop a link to their own site, and most link drops had to be checked by a mod to insure it wasn't a sales pitch, and had valid information. That was actually when you could read through all the posts made on teh board every day.

Waay back when I started as a mod, I actually edited a post by Danny Sullivan because he put a link to Search Engine Watch. Which was correct. (Brett couldn't believe I did that...I said "Hey, you said 'Nobody' gets special treatment") Now, if someone else put that link up it would be ok since it wasn't Danny doing the drop.

That's how it used to be. Apparently, now, the tool you use to create a site matters as well. I really don't understand his thinking on that.


The issue I believe stems from sheer lack of respect of the people who made the board what it is today. Obviously this incident has little to do with "linking out to a blog", and more to do with politics and behind the scenes issues. Not taking sides on the issue, it is clear that there is a trend of negativity toward WMW and the consistent loss of mods, educated posters, and industry experts.

I guess it's one thing to have a rule and enforce it and let everyone know. It's another to ban a site, then hide it when you get some bad publicity. If you have a rule and she broke it, say something. Playing childish games with blocking sites and covering it up later just makes you look like a coward. It hurts the integrity of the board and everyone who posts on it.

Ok we all know the slant

Ok we all know the slant when it comes to WMW and anything Google. The Matt Cutts FAQ / Guide to better bay area eating is a just another example to justify the brown nosing.

With that being said if you go into WMW you know what you can expect:
1. When you rank for every noob SEO/SEM/WEBMASTER question that can possibly be searched for in Google you get a lot of noob posts. Thats your own fault... (You'd think with all the brain power there they'd have had an application that scans thread titles of new posts and rejects repeated questions.)
2. You can't link to anything/Say anything bad about Google (The Adsense FAQ cloaking posts I made that got me banned. lol noobs.)
3. You can link to all things good by Google
4. Responses to noob questions are links to 4 year old threads that are 53 pages long consisting of valuable posts like "I agree" , "me too" and "can we get back on topic" with the advice to "read up on it here".
5. Marcia will hand your ass to you atleast once a month for violating TOS Section Charter 34.590.1 Ammendment 20...(you get the point)

Ok I'm done


Real nice taking what I posted out of context.

My point was that I and most others read the AdSense terms before signing up or putting it on our web site, read the TOS of forums before posting, search for information before asking.

So by default that means I should explain to others that they are in violation of an agreement they never bothered reading in the first place?

Ignorance is not a defense

It's the entitlement mentality I was discussing, not the fact that the primary demographics that exhibit this behavior fit a certain niche of forum posters as I didn't make that statistic, it's just the way it is.


Jen's link is still displayed in Jen's profile so every post Jen makes in theory is a link drop via someone checking out her profile associated with her post, that hasn't changed. As a matter of fact, Jen withdrawing as a moderator will mean that a lot fewer WMW noobs will find her site when they click to see who the moderator is. However, the software does scramble the URL when someone links to her site in the forums so there's no surprise there as it even scrambles lots of links, even links to certain areas of Google so she's in good company.

The link in Jen's profile

The link in Jen's profile doesn't seem to have changed.

>> Those familiar with the site will tell you the the "rule" is that sites that are authoritative are allowed to be linked to.

But no blogs, authoritative or not. That's the rule and has been for a while. The exception was matt's (with a not very ingenious FAQ nomenclature). I'm not arguing that the matt issue is not hypocrisy. But, the anti-blog stance is hardly new.

>> A link to Jen was ok until she was no longer a mod
Can you substantiate that? grnidone suggests Brett allowed it at one point. I'd be interested in seeing the relevant post. I don't believe there's been any change in policy about linking to her site. It was always not welcome though one or two links may have slipped through the net. Maybe the URL is on the blacklist because too many links to it are "slipping through the net".

Also, as far as WmW is concerned, she's still a mod.

I'm just playing devil's advocate.

If it's about the link

If this thing is about the link, why wouldn't it just be snipped like every other person on WMW who puts up a link they aren't supposed to? It seems that blocking the site was personal and politically motivated.

The site isn't blocked exactly

When you post the link to Jen, which a lot of AdSensers do, it's just automatically scrambled so the mods don't have to <snip> it, saves them time.

Mr or Mrs Yes you'll have to

Mr or Mrs Yes you'll have to take my word for it because I am not going to dig through the posts over there. When I was an active member on WMW there were lots of posts to Jens blog.

But why?

When you post the link to Jen, which a lot of AdSensers do, it's just automatically scrambled so the mods don't have to it, saves them time.

But why her domain? Why go out of your way to block the site of a mod?

If I knew that

I'd be running PubCon

Old links don't die they just fade away

old posts with links to Jen's site

scrambled links?

However, the software does scramble the URL when someone links to her site in the forums so there's no surprise there as it even scrambles lots of links, even links to certain areas of Google so she's in good company.

When you say scramble, does that mean it just doesn't count as a link, or it basically goes nowhere? (Like at Cre8, they "scramble" the links, but they still work.)


When you say scramble, does that mean it just doesn't count as a link, or it basically goes nowhere?

When it is scrambled, it won't go anywhere.

>> When I was an active

>> When I was an active member on WMW there were lots of posts to Jens blog.

Exactly. My guess: Too many people were linking to a disallowed blog so it made sense to make the blocking automatic. thePhenomenal, that should answer your question too. Blocking would happen to any blog that started getting a lot of links in posts. What makes you think hers was singled out purely because she was a mod... or resigning as mod? There's much speculation and little fact in this thread.

>> I am not going to dig through the posts over there
webprofessor, I don't believe there IS a post where Brett said that links to Jensense were acceptable.

Jill, the letters are scrambled and could become &8#*)^£.org and lead to &8#*)^£.org i.e. worthless from a link POV and therefore a disincentive for further links.

Question from a weenie

And this is big news because...?


It's like a profanity filter so certain URLs get turned into something like this:



What makes you think hers was singled out purely because she was a mod... or resigning as mod?

The only links I've seen blocked out like that are to sites that are on the block list. Matt Cutts blog got a lot of links and that didn't happen to his. And if it was an innocent error, why delete the post entirely and act like it never happened? It's not a big deal, but if you do block out or delete posts, he should be man enough to say why.

I visit the adsense forum

I visit the adsense forum often, and I have never seen Jen post a link to her own blog, other member maybe but never Jen herself and you can't hold Jen responsible for the actions of someone else. I think the reason why it was filtered is that too many other WMW members were linking to it thinking it was okay as an authority site.

the post by Greywolf above with links to Jen's site, most are now Bretts custom 404 page ACK! 404 File was not found.


I think the reason why it was filtered is that too many other WMW members were linking to it thinking it was okay as an authority site.

Seems that the main question is why was that so bad?

So who knows Jen? Maybe someone could invite her here to clear up this situation. Threadwatch members want to know!


what is webmasterworld ?

>> Matt Cutts blog got a lot

>> Matt Cutts blog got a lot of links and that didn't happen to his
We may agree that the Mattcutts exception is not justified but I fail to understand why you have difficulty seeing that it IS considered an exception by WmW.

mick_g, and is there blame being attributed to Jen for the links? Where?

Jill, Jen studiously avoids conflicts. That's one of her strong points. I can't see her pitching enthusiastically into this thread (even IF she feels slighted).

>> And if it was an innocent error
I didn't claim an error. There were too many links going to her blog and so it was added to the shitlist. Whether done manually or automatically linking to her blog is now blocked. Links to her blog is something the site owner doesn't want. So?


that place where you hung your coat and put your feet under the table at for a few years and had over 3000 posts, does that jog your memory now or has the mixture of chinese and London air got to your brain cells :)

hehe what is webmasterworld, you crack me up Shak, please dont make me laugh my lips are chapped

Smart girl

Jill, Jen studiously avoids conflicts. That's one of her strong points. I can't see her pitching enthusiastically into this thread (even IF she feels slighted).

Smart girl.


May have to get her drunk at SES and learn all the sordid details.....

weenie joins WMW

Ok, I am a weenie, I once had a reg. for WMW but lost it, my first impression back then was "man this place is too busy" so I left and never returned. Since then I have met cool people like graywolf, jill, daven, greg, aaron wall and others outside of that place, and if they still think the place is cool great. It does give me that high school smoking lounge feel, what,you didn’t have a smoking lounge in high school???

Thank you graywolf for emailing me and letting me in on a few things a weenie might miss, I also would link that great advice you gave on your blog for spending less time in forums but I lost it, people should make your blog a daily read.

Weenie will drop in when the wife and child are asleep tonight, this stuff can also trouble marriage relationships I believe. Please let me know when graywolf finds his zen place and opens his the first spa, I would go with the URL if it is not already taken. Sorry to bother you guys, carry on…



Claus: as historian, you might want to file this:

12:58 pm on June 16, 2003 (utc 0) Please welcome our new mod of the Google forum, ppc and se advertising guru Shak. - Brett_Tabke

And then there is

time, flies,

and having fun *lol*

>> historian

Wonder how that happened? Didn't know you could become a historian by accident?! And hey, I cheated at the exams! I just did a Google search to find the Anil Dash quote.

Anyway, If I'm supposed to be a historian then DG has to be the distinguished TW linguist (or is it linguistic? It's certainly not linguini or leguana...)

>> WMW

Actually I still read and post there. The types of threads I post in have changed somewhat, and the frequency has gone down. I tend to think "less and better" but I'm not sure everyone would agree *lol*

Also, I agree 100% that you get awfully tired of answering the same questions after a while. But, there's still a pretty large audience of very professional people (and an extreme amount of noobs too, but we've all been there).

>>distinguished TW linguist

How about cunning TW linguists... or simply Cunning Linguist for short.

LOL Nebraska

Better than Googling Hand Jobs.. much better :)

Soon this place will start

Soon this place will start getting caught by the parental filters! :O

>> Cunning Linguist for

>> Cunning Linguist for short.

cunninglinguist is the name of a site that's been posted for sale in several forums recently. Just a FYI.... if you like the URL :)

The parting of the ways...

between Jen and WMW, only seems to have finally happened in the last couple of days.

I see that now Jen has gone from both AdSense forum at WMW and the WMW is no longer on her own blog.


I notice WMW is a mere 3 stars in Alexa. Not sure what it was before, but it seems odd to me that such a force would be a mere 3 stars.

3 stars

Alexa needs a login. Site availability should get BW a 0. Trashing out too many SERPs with the cloaked login bit but maybe they are "whitelist".

DigitalPoint welcomes

DigitalPoint welcomes JenStar. :)

Good move

Another good move by DP. That's quite an interesting forum they have over there, they really know what they're doing.

Some examples:
- you can place your own adsense ads into rotation on their site. Yup, they'll let you make money from some of the clicks there.
- Proof that you can allow self promotion and not block product/company questions as a result. Since you're allowed to self promote people don't hide it; they'll post 'I'm selling links' or whatever. That means I can ask questions like 'can anyone name names of good products to fit this purpose' and get valid feedback from other members.

I've liked that place for a

I've liked that place for a long time for one simple reason. They have always seemed to care more about the people and what people do than the search engines and what they might do. They know, (like everyone else involved in internet marketing), that people do buy and sell links/domains. So instread of being afraid Google or Yahoo may not like it, they allow it because that is what their members do and there is a genuine need, (at least marketing opportunity), for a place where that business can be conducted.

I think a buy/sell topic in any forum relating to marketing is such an obvious must have that without one, to me it's like trying to get people to a mall where there are no stores. People come to forums to learn something and a LOT of times that something is about a specific service or product. Yet there are so few places that offer that.

The other point is the revenue. Most forums are VERY difficult to monetize yet, here is such an obvious revenue generation source. When I was still a mod at searchengineforums,(I think automobiles had just been invented then), I tried to talk Jim Wilson into building a script that would take a % of the pot from every sale made through his site. Kind of like the house taking 10% of every pot. Sadly, Jim was already far too sick to even consider the proposition let alone act on it.

I wish TW would consider the same idea before places like DP start cuitting into it's market share. As much as I enjoy TW and it being almost the ONLY place I take the time to post at, I still go to DP a LOT looking for deals and I find myself reading a little more every time. Good for DP, not so good for every other competitor.

As for the revenue, imagine not having to rely on whatever G decides to give you for splattering adsense all over your site, (kind of shifting the focus of the site IMHO), and instead making a dime off of every link/domain/service dollar sold through the site. Now imagine using your mods to review actual products or services instead of just reviewing more RSS feeds to post topics. That would keep the quality high with commercial postings and also keep them in the proper places. How long would it take to build that into running $100 - $200 - $2000 - $20,000 a day? A couple of php scripts and you're rolling.

It has always baffled me that it is not being done already. People buy crap and people sell crap. It is just what people do. AND when people go to forums or discussion groups, there is value being exchanged. I love the idea of getting help and then returning the gesture in the form of helping others, but I know speaking for myself, there are times I would just like to know where to go to buy something I need. I've never understood what is wrong with that.

here here Bob

Seconded. I have often thought TW would do well with a "member's marketplace" and it's a natural that a commission be kicked back to support the site. Given TW member's pleasant frankness the comments would be very helpful for those considering buying what is offered (scripts, ebooks, tools, memberships, whatever).

More signal, less noise. AdSense is noise.

What Wheel, Bob and John said

but I'd make it a separate section.

Didn't that old wanker

didn't nick use to offer product reviews or ads as a thread? I think he did - and it was a fabulous idea.

Vendors that know they are well liked can pay to have a thread about them. Members can jump onboard with comments. If a product sucks, they won't likely advertise here. Very Darwinian (a process I used to use on another forum...let vendors pump themselves - with the understanding that the community can and would comment. Some vendors made out well, others less so).

Perhaps that's a bit too commercial for Aaron's tastes, but the fact is that it's a great way for us to learn about products of interest to us - openly chat about them amongst the community.

as for DP forums...

This thread prompted me to try that place again... didn't even realize I had signed on the last time it was raved here. Anyway so after a few threads of comments like

And please, don't give me any of that "he's only 15" crap.. I'm the same age and I would never use that as an excuse for being an asshole.
I will actually call either Paypal or his mom to get my money back, I will not tolerate this at all.
Domain naming legal issues: for example, y company owns Can i buy a ? if it is not taken...Im planning to buy a ????.net domain name but is it legal to buy it . even though ????.com is already taken

I will likely once again let my "peon" status linger. I'll go back and read WMW before I dig through more of that.

I agree with you John. I

I agree with you John. I don't believe I've posted there twice in 7 years. I was speaking strictly about the way they allow open commerce and how I feel that model could ease some of the financial pain associated with maintaining a community based discussion site.

That said, you'd be surprised at some of the links and domains I've picked up from some of those 15 year olds.

Coincidentally enough I just posted elsewhere earlier today something that is extremely appropriate in this particular discussion.

Old age and treachery will trump youth and exuberance every time.

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