Office Live is, um, Live


Richard MacManus at Web 2.0 Explorer announces that Microsoft Office Live is being released in beta today. MacManus points to Jupiter analyst Joe Wilcox's commentary on this, which comes just a day after the NDA on Office Live was lifted. Wilcox writes:

* Office Live absolutely is not a hosted version of Microsoft Office. People have asked me if Microsoft is hosting Office applications or would do so in the future. Answers are no and highly unlikely. I don't expect Microsoft to offer a hosted version of Office as part of Office Live. Ever. While Microsoft obviously is concerned about the Web 2.0 concept, the company is not going into the hosted applications business.

He goes on to state the a more likely competitor is hosted CRM solutions provider

Microsoft is probably more concerned about a than a Google here. Microsoft's core business is applications and operating systems. Services like negate the value of both applications and operating systems, territory Microsoft won't easily cede. It's no coincidence that CRM is a major Office Live feature.

Overall the article's a pretty interesting read and provides good food for thought on Microsoft's strategy in their battle against Google.