Spammer scores Gold at Olympics


Well, some say it's pop-ups and pop-unders, others say pop-up blockers, but plenty of sources have reported he's a spammer.. and he's just scored a Gold Medal in the Olympics at Turin.

Dale Begg-Smith started an "online marketing company" at age 14 with his brother out of Vancouver, which became AdsCPM Network (said to be worth $40 million). Now, a millionaire at age 21, he set aside the business for training and it seems to have paid off. He's the best moguler in the world.

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Best thing so far

Ahh, freestyle - what a sport - where else could you get a web marketer and Kari Traa in the medals?

Kari Traa

a woman of wisdom - "Beer is healthy. It has lots of B vitamins,"

I wholeheartedly agree

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