Lycos's Anit Spam DDoS Site Hacked!

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Lycos Anti-Spam Site Compromised
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Slashdot bring word of the now infamous Lycos DDos Attack Site being hacked.

Attempting to download the screen saver from lycos results in this message 'Yes, attacking spammers is wrong, you know this, you shouldn't be doing it. Your ip address and request have been logged and will be reported to your ISP for further action.'

Made my morning, i cant seem to reach the site so maybe they're being DDoS attacked aswell? LMFAO! Of course it may be that there server just isnt up to being slashdotted but either way it's a killer funny story - thankyou SD



Only to be expected.
I read this morning that Lycos UK has 60,000 computers at its disposal. Now correct me if I am wrong here, but isn't that the ripest cherry on the tree within the zombie-pc-collector community? Some guys brag about the damage they can wreak when they have 200 zombies at their disposal, what about 60,000?

Bad idea

I can appreciate the philanthropic value of what they are trying to do, but you have to think that business wise this was a pretty poor decision. There are just way to many opportunities for liability with this thing it seems to me.

LOL - if you're going to...

...mess with internet users: don't try it with spammers, hackers or any group of similarly devious AND web-savvy people.

" Wie zijn gat verbrandt, moet op de blaren zitten. "
Take that... (babelfish it if you like, but please note that "gat" has more than one translation...)

Lets keep it english please :)

At least for the most part :-) thanks..

Lycos Now Claim Hoax
slashdot linked to this zdnet piece claiming it was a hoax.

How desperate are Lycos? Desperate enough to stage this whole thing just for the media attention? - probably....

What's Lycos again?

It's Dogpile, right? Could be right there - about the media attention. We've had Double Google news, MSN beta, My Yahoo, Ask trouble, they couldn't be left out now could they? Worked too, there's no such thing as bad publicity (?)

BTW - the dutch bit's only a saying, meaning (loosely translated) You reap what you sow.


Cool! thanks Wit - im not too worried about it :) but would rather not set a trend lol!

cheers m8

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