Yahoo! Site Match Without Purpose?


Rand posted about a recent call with a Yahoo! Search Submit Express representitive who seemed to have a job but no purpose. Rand was trying to get a client's site reincluded in Yahoo!, and all Yahoo! offered is that there is something wrong and they can't say what it is.

Why they want to make life hard for their advertisers (and people who want to spend money with them) is beyond me. At some point, an executive decision was clearly made by someone wholly out of touch with reality - let's hope they fix it soon.

The biggest issue isn't even the process itself, but the frustration and anger that can be caused. My consulting client was certainly in a state of great fury after this experience, and I can hardly blame him - particularly since their site looks entirely clean to me.

If nothing else, Yahoo! helped Rand with his future piece about search engine submission services being worthless. If they can't even tell you what is wrong then what is the purpose of paying for a review or using Search Submit Express?


I've spoken to that same person!

I swear I must have spoken to the same person at Yahoo - the lady who told me that Yahoo!s target market was females between 30 and 50. Whauuuuhuh?

Hi Rand,Sorry for the run

Hi Rand,
Sorry for the run around with your Search Submit rep. I will discuss this with the Search Submit sales people when I see them next week.

You can request a rereview at this URL:
This is completely independent of the Search Submit program and is a free webmaster service.

Your site should get reviewed pretty quickly through this channel. If you are still having issues with this site please PM me via TW.

Thanks for stopping by and

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Tim :)

Thanks Tim

That's very kind of you, Tim. I appreciate your goodwill. As I said in the post, I don't think this was intentionally created to frustrate users, but this client (who's asked to remain anonymous) will certainly be gratified to know that there are folks who care about his situation.

BTW - What are we all doing here on a Friday night? Don't we have girlfriends and wives and parties to attend to? :)

That makes total sense TIM

That the paid service stonewalls issues but you have a free review service.

Am I the only one here that can see a lobotomized disconnect with this?

By Choice Man, By Choice

Rand your comment about friday night reminded me of scene from "Say Anything" with John Cusack:

"If you guys know so much about women, how come you're here at like Gas 'n Sip on a Saturday night, completely alone, drinking beers, no women anywhere?" They pause, look around, and answer back, "By choice, man, by choice."

Good show Tim.

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