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Campaign of criticism on Web Design from Scratch
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Scenario: You set up your business site listing services you offer and you enable user comments - Along comes either a competitor or someone with an axe to grind with you and starts trashing you, your company and your services using your own website.

Some would say it's a stupid move to enable comments at all, Kim Krause certainly doesnt think it wise:

Ben, isn't allowing comments (uncensored) on a services page a little like shooting yourself in the foot?

For myself, I've come to regard comments as an excuse to trash people and spread hatred. It's a free pass and it's just too easy for people to use them to get away with things they might not say to people in person - face to face. When comments become weapons, they lose their worth in my eyes.

Having had a fun time with this particular member of cre8asiteforums when i dared critisize his website in a "review my site" thread I'd say he's being a little over-dramatic but it does pose some interesting questions:

  • Does opening up your products or services to public debate help or hinder?
  • Is it adding value or creating a PR nightmare?

Personally im all in favor but with the caveat of "with moderation" - you can't stop people from criticizing if you open yourself up to it and invite it of course but you can weed out the obvious trolls.

Commenting on products/services - What do you think?


one way or another...

people will lash out at you.

You can't do well without people hating you. I have had hate threads, hate articles, hate ads, and hate sites created about me. One way or another hate messages will spread. Why not make it easy to track them?

Personally I favour censorship in these cases

Outright criticism - comment thrown out at mod
Constructive criticism - can stay unless its on dangerous ground
Anything else is just free content for my site!

have you thought about this:

Let's say we're not dealing with a troll here, just an unsatisfied customer who's "having a pop" right?

I think it makes sense to be publically seen to handle the issue swiftly and competently. I think it inspires confidence if people see that a company is willing to handle a situation in an exemplorary manner in public.

Furthermore, most complainers start out all defensive becuase they expect conflict, when the find none, and instead find reassuring, professional resolution they will calm down and most likely thank you in public.

NB: I've never done that online, but it was my job to deal with not irate, but absolutely spitting nails and howling for blood clients for some years - and if possible, to get a sale out of it.

trust me, it works :)


Very true, Nick ("my job was to deal with... spitting nails and howling for blood clients" rings a bell).

Good service is boring and what people expect, problem-solving is where you have the opportunity to shine - both for the sufferer and interested onlookers.

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