Numerous complaints about GODADDY locking accounts


I have seen numerous complaints about locking user accounts "after repeated failed login attempts". They say they lock user accounts is to protect the account holder.

Sure.. is having problems when user accounts are locked due to repeated login attempts. According to godaddy, after the 5th unsuccessful login attempts, user accounts are automatically locked. Fine. But the biggest FRUSTRATION is that no one in Godaddy's technical team seem to know how to UNLOCK locked accounts.

I couldnt login to my account since last week. the godaddy support said they unlocked my account but it may take 48 hours before i can login again. days passed but my account is still locked. I bugged them repeatedly and was told that my problem ticket has been ESCALTED and it will take 72 hours before i can try to login again.

if it’s ESCALATED, shouldnt the wait time be shorter? i think they are operating in REVERSE mode lol.

godaddy support stinks imo.
still waiting for my account to be unlocked.