Microsoft Exec Says IE7 and Vista Are Complete (Almost)


Microsoft employee and blogger Alex Barnett points to a BetaNews interview with Gary Schare, Director of IE Product Management, where Microsoft's plans for IE 7 and Vista are explored. Below are some key quotes from the interview.

On when we can expect to see IE 7 released:

We think it will be in the same timeframe as Vista. Whether it will be before, on the same day, or just after is unclear at this point. But we expect to have a full public Beta 2 release in the first half of '06 and the final release in the second half of '06. We'll have similar dates for a more public beta of Windows Vista and the final launch.

On their strategy to create an RSS platform built upon the browser:

We've built the first RSS platform that any developer can take advantage of, so when you subscribe to a feed in IE7, that feed data will be available to any application that wants to look at it. This opens up a whole new host of RSS reading applications, as well as applications that in the past would have nothing to do with RSS, but now can take advantage of it because of the platform.

It will be interesting to see if IE 7 can stop Firefox growth once and for all, and if it can be the catalyst that pushes RSS into the mainstream (and brings about the death of the RSS reader as a result).