First Public Demo of MSN adCenter 3.0


MSN presented the first public demo of the MSN adcenter 3.0 on Monday night the 20th at a Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association meeting, according to the MasterLink Blog.

The new adCenter has dynamic parameter options beyond just dynamic keywords. Much like with Google Adwords you do dynamic keyword insertion. You can also however set up to three dynamic parameters that allow you additional control over you ad copy and even allow for dynamic destination URLs. Due to the fact that adCenter enables your to insert keywords into each creative, they are even more relevant to every search and when used properly should have a dramatic effect on CTR.


Interface Issues

Am I the only one who finds the MSN interface torturous to work with? I think adwords is the easiest to use, but have no real problems with overture, however the MSN interface is just horrible IMHO. Stuff clicking and whizzing all the time, horribly inflexible keyword import utilities, lack of browser support and compatibility, and reports that are often days behind.

Graywolf, have you used it

Graywolf, have you used it since last weekend? THey updated it and it is no where near as bad as it originally was...still could use some work, but is a vast improvement from the original launch.


It's better but still needs some work

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