Wanking is crap?


El Reg are reporting on the story that scientists have stated in the journal Biological Psychology, that wanking isn't as good as the real thing.

Levels of the hormone prolactin are lower after masturbation than intercourse. Prolactin makes us feel satisfied by counteracting the arousal messenger dopamine.

then also say that this is probably the reason for a "relaxation period" after sex.

The scientists say the difference also explains why men may need a "recovery period" after forming The Beast with Two Backs, but can happily nip to the loo for five minutes, make the bald man cry, then get straight back to work

Personally all I care abuot is which one of you pharmers is gonna start selling a Prolactin pill ?


Less wanking, more signal?

but with the time you save not having real sex you can create more quality website content and build links

Doing it all wrong

If you don't pass out after wanking you aren't doing it right.

Sounds like they used second rate wankers for their research.

Choking the chicken.

I got into trouble for mentioning chicken choking in the wanking machine thread last month so no way I'm saying it again.

Excuse me

Excuse me, I got to go eat a sandwich. ;-0

so, cell phones can make you

so, cell phones can make you go blind now?

Added: Proof

Experts say that excessive use of handheld text-messaging devices can lead to injuries.

Wanking is crap?

Nick_W will be devastated to learn this.



Friday night news?

All men wank, loads, and yes it could be better.

I had a good one the other night and it sent me straight off to sleep.

Deserves a link: wankr

Deserves a link: wankr

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