Why Won't AdSense Remove These Click Fraud Sites


Spammy Google AdSense ads.There is not one bit of content other than adsense ads and a adsense search box, and to rub salt in the wound for adwords advertisers its breaking the adsense TOS again by having Click here above the ads with slashes forming a V like an arrow head pointing towards the ad block, this is the same on hundreds of pages

WTF are you playing at over at the Plex, come on adsense guys and gals this is ridiculous, if I did this on my sites you would soon be jumping up and down and sending out termination emails, I have never seen a site as bad as this one, surely there can't be any more like it.....has anyone seen one ?


Is this the tip of the ice berg?

This may (or may not) be the tip of a very nasty little secret. All i know is that i was getting an enormous number of clik throughs that were not paying off for me. I deactivated the content network and google partners and suddenly im back to normal. Can anyone shed any light on this?

what are we on bizzaro world

what are we in bizzaro world today ?

Whiner Spam gets approved on the front page and now adsense TOS violations on some no name site are worth discussion. How very wemasterworldish

I think your point is

I think your point is totally valid webprofessor. I deleted the whiner spam thread.

I would not have published this thread except two trusted friends asked me to publish it, noting that they were going to talk about the issue. Hopefully they will soon comment on why it is important / out of the norm or this thread will be deleted before the day is done.

my bad on whiner spam

my bad on whiner spam thread, apologies, i acted in haste.

I have been receiving so

I have been receiving so many comments in the last month or so about the lack of enforcement by AdSense when it comes to publishers blatantly inciting clicks, on sites that have been reported months ago and reported multiple times.

It is unfortunate that sites like the one mickg cited (which I was told had been reported first in December) are still allowed to run ads without being told to remove the incitement.

Cases like these are what prompt many advertisers to stop all their campaigns from showing on the content network, even when the bad apples account for a (hopefully!) small percentage of all publishers. AdSense was really great on keeping their network fairly clean of publishers asking for clicks, but there has been a definite shift in the last 4 months or so based on the number of complaints by publishers I am getting similar to "Jen, I have been reporting this site every two weeks for the last three months, yet this publisher is still allowed to have 'CLICK ON OUR ADS' in flashing red text above each of the ad units."

I am not sure what has changed, but it is hurting ALL publishers as a result, by causing advertisers to remove their ads from the content network in droves.

I removed the ad publisher

I removed the ad publisher number code from the ads on the page linked to below, but my favorite technique is the casual point and stare.


replaced URL w screenshot.

replaced URL w screenshot. linked it to thousands of search results matching the "yo click my $pam$ense dawg" stuff.

I thought this quote was charming
"Please click the google ads and tell friends. If you don't, you might not get into heaven."

I removed a word or two from that quote so that the search did not match the document I found.

aww man aaron now you made

aww man aaron now you made me discover that Jack from the white stripes is committing adsense fraud.

now that would have been a good first post:

dead leads & the dirty clicks

The dead leads
and the dirty clicks
well you know fraud is abound

if you can hear a register fall
you can hear me stealing it all
if i could just hear your precious clicks
I don't think I'd need to work at all
don't think I'd need to work at all


So you are telling me that Google doesn't enforce its policies and ban publishers like that? No way!

The sad part about this is that this hurts legit publishers too. Those sites lower conversion rates and make content match less appealing. I've gotten to a point in many industries where I won't even bother turning on content network because it is too much effort to enforce on my own.

I still don't understand how a billion dollar company like Google can't hire a room full of 20-something interns to find sites like this, reviews sites, and all out ban people from the network. There is no reason for a warning on a site that is doing that. They broke the rules, they commited fraud, and they are costing honest businesses money. Sending them a warning e-mail is crap, these people should be banned.

"you might not get into heaven."

Thinly disguised, Aaron :-)

The guy that suggests you might not get into heaven if you do click his ads, is oddly enough, into spoof religion.

He claims to have made $1.59 in total from Google ads, and is trying to goad thousands of angry christians to hit his site, and fired with righteous indignation, to click on his AdSense ads.

Fair to say a genuine eccentric there, rather than someone who will ever make any money that way.

You left out that the $1.59

You left out that the $1.59 includes the

$1.23 last friday from me using the computers at two of my job locations and my computer from home to click the ads for myself

Yeah, he's gonna' make a bunch o' bucks.

(And if he was proud of the 19 uniques the day he made that post, wonder how he's going to feel when he checks his logs for today.)

An Analogy

I think they need to do what Rudi Guiliani did with the graffiti problem on the subway trains back in the day. Google needs to overdo their quality control, even take a loss with that department for awhile. Sites breaking TOS blatantly should be down within 48 hours. Ban people permanently and make a statement. In time, people won't bother to do it anymore. It will be too much work to be kicked out in a day.

I think until Google really takes it serious, we'll continue to see more and more click fraud, and more and more good publishers and advertisers hurt.

It would be a win, win, win,

It would be a win, win, win, win all around if there were more confidence in the content network. Advertisers more exposure and conversions, publishers more bucks, users a better experience, G more bucks and maybe more advertisers.

Besides the blatant click fraud and just plain dumbass tricks, I always blame Google's decision to make Adsense an "approved once, run anywhere" program. I guess the engineers supposed they'd be able to, ahem, algorithmically control it, but it sure as heck hasn't turned out that way.

And I was really thrown when YPN followed suit. Didn't they read any of the boards? If you get past the noise on any Adsense forum you see what quality publishers want is a quality network.

When all is said and done it's the SEs that are at fault here by failing their advertisers, their publishers and their users.


When all is said and done it's the SEs that are at fault here by failing their advertisers, their publishers and their users.

But not their shareholders.

if you are blaming ignorant

if you are blaming ignorant business policy on shareholders then it might make sense to look at the biggest shareholders first

AdSense Vigilanteism

If you missed my post on AdSense Vigilanteism then now is a good time to go see how you can scare the shit out of AdSense scoflaws instead of waiting on Google to deal with it.

It works and it's hysterical.

as we use Google to find the offenders

as we use Google to find the offenders ("pls click the ads", "please click ads", "pls click on the ads", "please click an ad or two") I imagine Google's response to an FTC investigative panel asking "Didn't you permit this fraud to continue because you made profits from it?"

We tried Senator, but we simply couldn't find them.

Its really not that easy

What if someone who doesn`t really love you, copy your adsense publisher id and put your ads in such a place. What would your say will be on getting banned. There should be manually addition of each site in your google adsense account first before you can display ads on other sites. This will stop people copying your ads and putting it in wrong places.

But the orginial point is that you can`t be sure of whose ads these belongs to when they are displayed on a website.

but we simply couldn't find

but we simply couldn't find them

...our users tell us what is relevant to them. we have no way of being able to dig up info in an index as vast and frequently changing as Google's

But the original point is

But the original point is that you can`t be sure of whose ads these belongs to when they are displayed on a website.

That is clearly part of the problem Nandini.

For as well as AdWords was thought out they did a piss poor job thinking out the fraud issue on AdSense.


Can't they just flag the sites the evil stuff appears on and only show PSAs on there? Perhaps even a PSA pointing to a "re-inclusion request" page :-] No need to block the adsense (of an innocent ad-hijacking victim???) in that case.

copy your adsense publisher id

Caught some idiot that copied a page of mine complete with AdSense ID embedded so I report it and now my page there no longer shows no ads, neither do theirs.


but we simply couldn't find them


but we were too simple to find them

and in answer to the followup

but we are still too simple to find them

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