Yahoo follows Google's footsteps


Yahoo's playing copycat again - this time with instant messaging integration:

The only time I can remember when Yahoo did something before Google did it is when bookmarking, tagging and all that fancy stuff was introduced with Yahoo! MyWeb 2.0 - otherwise it seems that they just love copying every little bit introduced by Google...


Here is what it looks like

The integration has been planned a long time before Google release their's
Here is what it will look like in the classic interface of Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo!'s had web based chat for a lot longer than Google

They've had Messenger Chat available on the My Yahoo! page for a long time. You could say that Google has copied Yahoo!

Copy Google?


I needed a good laugh today, thanks.

Yahoo has been the leader of Mail, IM and Talk for a long time before Google and MSN started playing catch up.

What has Google ever done that's new?

Search, nope, they were just the new kids in town with better relevance.

AdWords / AdSense, nope, and Overture did bid advertising first.

Google Earth, ok, we've had maps for centuries but it's cute.

Seriously, what have they invented that we've never seen before?

They remind me a lot of Microsoft in that nothing they ever do is extraordinarily earth shattering but it's just incremental evolution, a step better than anyone else, and it has a brand recognition that captures the audience.


Yahoo! copying Google on everything? Do you have some examples of this? Yahoo! has been the leader in most everything and we see companies copying them constantly.

And on the messaging, didn't MSN/Hotmail have this implemented like 2 years ago?

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