PPC Journalism - A New Model for Content Creation and Decision?

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In Chile, instant Web feedback creates the next day's paper
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In Chile there's a big media buzz over a 100yr old boring middle of the road newspaper that has been using click stats to determine what the following days edition will contain. THe LUN is currently Chile's most popular paper.

Essentially, clicks are counted per story and the what proves most popular helps decide the next days topics. Clearly any intellectual or stimulating content goes right out of the window with such a system as it quickly devolves to the lowest common denominator - in a week where world leaders gathered in Santiago for a trade meeting the newspapers ( http://www.lun.com ) readers were reading about what Colin Powell had for dinner and about a scantily clad waitress.

Sounds okay to me...

Pop media driven by the people, pretty neat idea i think though the paper insists it's not a tabloid. Story came in via techdirt